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Epson Stylus Photo R220 Printer Driver High-Speed Download Access

Thank You for ordering faster download access to this driver from

This page is for obtaining faster access to the installation files for this device.
You can also download the Epson Stylus Photo R220 Printer driver at the regular speed for free from our driver database.

Why Pay for Faster Download Speeds?

Download speeds for the driver files in our database can sometimes be slow.
This can happen when either the manufacturer's servers or our backup servers are very busy and cannot keep up with current demands from users.
We offer fast priority access to the driver files on our backup servers for a small fee that covers the cost of the bandwidth required to send the files.

How it Works

After your payment has been processed, you will immediately be sent to a web page that provides priority access download links to the installation files for the Epson Stylus Photo R220 Printer for the following versions of Windows:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8
Windows 8 64-bit

You will have priority download access to 4 driver/installation files for a total of 136.61 megabytes (MB) of data
Each payment gets you 50 complete high-speed driver downloads for this device.
These downloads never "expire". So you can always come back years later to download the files again.
An e-mail will also be sent to you with these links so that you can download the files at a later time.

How Fast Will My Download Be?

The speed of your driver download will generally be limited only be the speed of your internet connection.
Note: This service will not speed up your download if it is slow because you have a slow connection to the internet.

You can test how fast your download will be by downloading the following test file that is 1 MB in size:
Speed Test File Download (1 MB)

Cost and Payment Options

The cost to order high-speed access for this device is only 1.99 dollars U.S. or 1.99 dollars Canadian.

We accept payments by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover) and Paypal.
Transactions are processed by Paypal.
Visa Master Card American Express Discover Card

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Please choose your preferred payment currency below:

U.S. Dollar

Canadian Dollar

$ 1.99$ 1.99

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