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David Hepworth on May 11, 2001

I have fitted my cdrw but I am having lots of problems AHEAD who make the NERO software say I need to connect my cd to the primary IDE bus as slave and my cdrw to the secondary IDE bus as master but I cannot get out of them in lay mans terms HOW. I am running windows 98 with a ALI chip


Eric Georgieff on May 11, 2001

David Hepworth,

To get a CD Writer working properly in a regular AT PC you must connect your drives in the following manner:

IDE 1: Master: Your primary hard disk
Slave: Any secondary hard drive you might have
IDE 2: Master: Your CD-Rom Drive
Slave: You CD Writer

Remember, your motherboard should have two built in IDE Connectors (IDE 1 and IDE 2 respectively). To each of the connectors you can connect an IDE cable (ribbon cable) that can have two connectors on the end (if it doesn't get a ribbon cable that has two connections on one end). Then connect your drives as shown above, and make sure they are set properly (master or slave).

This should work.

Oh yeah, you might want to consider using software such as Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 instead of Nero Burning ROM, since Adaptec's software tends to support a broader range of CD-Writer.

You should also consult the Silicon Guide to installing a CD-Writer (available on our site) for further instructions.

Good Luck, and let me know if it works.
Jim McPhee on January 7, 2002
problem installind cd-rw

I sent in a question a day or two ago and forgot to click on the spot you provided for notifying me when I get an answer to mt message. Please notify me. Thank you very much... Jim McPhee
r troop on February 22, 2004

we have ahead that makes the nero program. it starts by analyzing the disc,then reads the disc. then caching of files then it says re-241040 medium sped error burn failed.could explain in lay mans terms what we need to do to correct this.the burning process used to work but now it just does the sequence listed above.
m troop on February 26, 2004

can anyone explain how to do connect the drives (in laymans terms please) as per message david hepworth IDE BUS. we think that this is the problem with our re-writer. it constantly fails around 8%. it sometimes states that both drivers are the same and do we want to burn anyway. any help would be appriciated.
janet on March 23, 2004

i fitted a dvd writer to my pc and and it says my cd rom and dvd writer are connected to same ide bus what do i do to change that
Jim Burdett on April 19, 2004

I have the same problem. The message says DVD-ROM and DVD-Writer are connected to the same IDE bus and need to be separate. Mine fails whe 94% has been recorded.
Will on March 8, 2006
connecting two hard drives to my pc

I have connected a new hard drive to my pc. I formatted and installed windows XP on the new drive and use it as my boot drive. I connected my old drive as a slave to the master(new drive). When I power up, and explore the drives, I can see the drive listed as "E:" drive. However, when I click on it to view it's contents, my computer doesn't recognize it. The "+" sign disappears (does not expand). I can still see the drive, but not the contents of the drive. All I get is a prompt to format, which I don't want to do, since all my old data is on the drive. Can someone help?
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