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master & slave jumpers
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master & slave jumpers

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Alessandra on May 18, 2001
master & slave jumpers

I bought an OEM Waitec WT3284EI cd-writer "fully bare", ie with no screws, no drivers, no instructions, no jumpers...
I would like to connect it to the last connector of the ide cable. I was wondering whether I need to put any jumper to set it as slave of master. The cd-rom has a jumper, set on the master pins. May you clarify a bit what this master/slave story means?
Which target ID should I expect it to have?
Thanks a lot, bye
Juan M. Salinas on September 24, 2001
RE: master & slave jumpers

Master and Slave are terms used to refer the way the cd-roms are to be controlled. If you have an existing cd-rom then your new cd-writer should be put on slave. But if this is going to be your primary cd-drive then it should be set to master. Other than that you shouldn't have any problems... If your computer is pretty recent your system motherboard should detect everything properly.. I hope you understand it a little better......Good Luck!
su mign tung on October 29, 2004
RE: master & slave

If i got one cd-rom and one dvd-rom, is that must set one rom to master, and another rom to slave? If i am not do the setting, can both cd-rom and dvd-rom run in properly?

And how to set the master and slave between the two...? it is using wire to set the master and slave or??
ghufran on September 6, 2005
RE: master & slave jumpers

hoe to set master and slave
moddy on May 19, 2011
RE: master & slave jumpers

I hav 1 IDE channel and i want to connect a new dvd rom. How can i change the rom jumper from master to slave. Please i'll really appreciate if i get help coz its driving me crazy.
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