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NERO cd writer query
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NERO cd writer query

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T on January 25, 2003
NERO cd writer query

I use NERO, and have downloaded music successfully filling a new blank cd, however, my problem is, if i burn only, say, 2 tracks onto a new cd, how can i then, go back to that same cd and continue burning new tracks at a later time?!
I tried the other day, burnt one track on (3 mins only)!! and when i tried to put it back in to continue, it wont let me, saying that the disk is not empty!! I must be missing a tick box or something...doh!
Its killing me! I would really appreciate someones help at all.
If can spare a few mins, or u are THE oracle!! pls..let me share ur cookie too!!
Eric Georgieff on January 25, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query


To be able to continue burning on a CD at a later time, you must make sure that you leave the disk "open". If it is closed, no future writing will be possible.

It is however usually not a good idea to write to a CD-R in more than one session, since the only way to access data, later on, that was written during sessions other than the first one is by using some sort of CD session reader.

So, my advice would be to only write to a CD once you have enough data to fill its entire capacity. Most people have a routine where they download music and files from the internet for a few months before going on a "burnfest" once their hard drives are so full that they need to clear some space. In such situations, valuable CD space is rarely wasted ;-)

Sophia on April 2, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

Hello, I have just recently installed the nero's easy to copy music but it won't allow mw to burn cd's. The instruction that keeps appearing on my screen is that it can't read the text. i can't burn my one compilation of songs....

Sophia 4/05/2003 on November 30, -0001
I may have had a similar problem. After exporting the audio tracks to the Nero line up, the songs were not read when I attempted burns.
I found that the 16 bit songs were successfully
burned whereas the 24 bit songs were not. Also, make sure you are in "audio" not "data" when burning.

This may help.

Now, I have a problem -- I have a twenty-three song compilation that I want to write. The disc is large enough in quantity (only fifty-five minutes of music)but when I get to the twenty-second song in the compilation, at about forty-
something on the lower readout, the next song reverts to the top and assumes the number one track position! This won't do. Does anyone have a number for tech support from Nero?

Jim Silman
sudharsan on April 6, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

i wrote a cd using nero and i think i set the speed to 40x or so, but when i put the same cd in an another computer of reading speed only 24x it won't read, it does not access the cd drive at all. cud u kindly advise me.
vikas raj on April 26, 2003
NERO cd writer query

I want firmware updates for

JAMES R on June 1, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

Dean on June 3, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

is it possible to burn more than fifty songs on a cd using Nero as i have heard that people have done it??If so then how is it done???
Thank you
Ranjani on June 5, 2003
RE: Reselling NERO cd writer

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to resell the product Nero CD Writer to our resellers here in INDIA. Kindly revert back with your complete commercial details including List Price, Transfer Price, Discounts, Deliverables, Payment, etc.

Kindly revert back at the earliest.
Awaiting your reply.

Best Regards,
Ranjani Emani
Tel - +91-022-25007262
C-7, Kailash Esplanade,
L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W),
Mumbai - 400086
Nelson on June 18, 2003
NERO cd writer query

nero dosent allow me to burn 24 bit wav files on


how do i burn 24 bit audio on cd?
jordan on June 25, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

how do i burn a cd with nero
Ariez Tata on June 26, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

My cd writer that I bought burns cd's but it dosen't give any sound out of the headphone socket provided on the cd writer.
Therefore would you be kind enough to send me a manual of instructions which tells me how to install the CD writer onto my computer.
cory on June 30, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

I can't seem to be able to burn cd's using nero. all that comes up is image recorder. and i am really getting frustrated. what do i need to do.
arda on July 3, 2003
new subject

i have a problem...there is no problem when i am using ISO but when i am trying to copy a CD, my CD-ROM reads very slowly. But when it finishes the cacheing, my CD-RW writes perfectly. There is only a problem of CD-ROM reading.
maggie burnett on July 23, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

I have a problem copying image files and cannot seem to find the answwer within software backup.

When copying images set at 300dpi in my master file onto a new data CD the images are being copied automatically onto disk at 72dpi

Please help!! I just dont understand why this is happening and the copied images cannot be used for the purposes required becasue the resolution is not clear enough!

thank you

Dan on August 11, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

how to install my burner
me on August 13, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

My stupid cd writer just keeps being stupid and when i wanna burn somthing u kno it has thoes 2 options of things to use like image burner or that other one and the image burner woulnt make cd's that i can listen to and the one that does burn just doesnt work it never shows up how do i fix this p.s i am not computer litterate
Thomas on August 22, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

How do I burn cd's using NERO i have no idea how to do this.Can you send me some steeps on how to burn songs from Kazaa on to cd's.
mark on August 23, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

How do i burn a video that is longer than 74 minutes. I need to "split" the video and do it in two halves, but what is the procedure ?
Eric Georgieff on August 23, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

Hi Mark,

To split a video into sections, your best bet may be to use TMPGEnc, which may be downloaded directly from the software maker at:

Alternatively professional software such as Adobe Premiere may be used. You may also be able to find shareware programs that have been designed specifically for this purpose.

Eric Georgieff
vineet on August 29, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

I just saw a normal cd of 700 mb that was containing four operating system of space 1.35GB and how was the cd made this I dont know.I just copied the cd to mine but still do not know how that cd was made with such a space.If anyone knows how it is made then do tell me.
Thank you
kaushik on September 2, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

Hello All,

I was trying to use nero CD writer to create a Data CD using this software. The empty CD which I am using is of capacity of 700MB. But when I go for burning the CD, it says that there is not enough disk space in the empty disk, whereas I was trying to write around 400MB of data to this empty disk.

Please someone help me on this. Otherwise I have to use some other CD writer sofware.
huma mubarak on October 4, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

hello all,

will you please help me in using my cd writer, actually i want to know how can i write a movie or n\any image on cd that is saved in my computer
please some one help me on this problem
thankx for reading my mail
adarsh on November 6, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

I have two sysytems on LAN. Only One system is equipped with CD writer. I shared CD Writer for using it form another computer. Bt when i try to write files in CD from network it says that Access denied though i granted full permissions .
How do i go?
marcus on November 7, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

how do i change my nero from sayin image recorder
to my sonycdrw. as then i will be able to burn cds. thank
ivor on November 9, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

could anyone please tel me a.s.a.p how to burn songs from kazza using nero burner??
ian on November 14, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

i have nero installed but when i burn a cd it tells me it was completed sucsessfully but the cd dosent work in a cd player. also sometimes when i try to go into nero it tells me, A error using COM/OLE occurs please check installation of com on your computer. Can anybody please help? p.s I am not computer literate
ian on November 14, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

can anyone please tell me how to burn music from kazaa onto cdr using nero?
joan on December 7, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

i have a Cd Writer and i want to know how to copy a dvd iam am new to all of this stuff i need it step by step , what type of disc i need
i awaited your reply
raju on December 20, 2003
RE: NERO cd writer query

dear sir ...
i want serial key for nero cd burner 5.5 version
pls help me.
sharon eldridge on January 2, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

how do i change from image recorder so i can burn cds.
Kassi on February 3, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

About a year ago, Nero was installed on to my computer and I burned a lot of cds with it. Just recently, we had to shut the whole computer down and remove all the programs from the computer only to restore the original Windows programs. Now I am stuck with a Nero burning rom but no way to access it because I have lost the installation cd. I tried goin to and downloading a demo version, but it keeps telling me that my demo has expired. Please help me, I miss burning my cds!
raju on February 9, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

hai sir,

actually, i have created one iamge file in nero 5.5 version cd burner software, when i ll make cd write same thing ll copy but it ll not unzip the iamge file why any some reason pls help me ......and one more things i was created iamge file in my local disk when i wanted to unzip that iamge file that ll never extrat iamge file pls give some idea to open that iamge file .
Downer_MRC on March 8, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

I have just installed Nero, and everytime I try to burn something a error comes up saying an error using COM/OLE occurs. Please check the installation of COm on your computer. If anyone can help please write back, TY for your time.
Suz on April 14, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

I upgraded my comp to enable the installation of a cd writer. I find it very difficult to follow and an instruction manual would be a great help. Thanks
Kayla fell on May 27, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

I want to know how to burn the songs I have downloaded off of Kazaa onto a CD. If you could help that would be great.
suresh on June 4, 2004
NERO cd writer query


Often most of CDs getting " error Cd writing at 4x ".Please say me about any software to make use of available space in error CD. Please help me.

Eagerly awaiting for it........(most propeberly i need YES from you )

nikki on June 12, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

my cd burner wont let me burn any cd's because it says there is no space on the disc i have checked and tried different types of disks and none will work plz help me!
nikki on June 12, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

my cd burner wont let me burn any cd's because it says there is no space on the disc i have checked and tried different types of disks and none will work plz help me!
Lee on June 26, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

Hi Gents,

I can download a whole album from winmx in one go but how do i then put track marks in it when i burn it onto a cd ?! The problem I have is when i put it into the cd player in the car, the whole album is treated as one track and ya cant skip to the next track without fast forwarding the cd....nightmare !! Please help. Tah!
Akhtar on July 28, 2004
RE: NERO cd writer query

Hi!Gents and Madam
How can I change the writing speed while copying CD
Rajiv Sharan on August 23, 2006
RE: NERO cd writer query

When I burn C.d to gift some one how to protect C.D from copying/downloading the gifted C.D.
Selvaraj on October 5, 2006
RE: NERO cd writer query

How we can write a DATA CD using Nero 5.5 version,
Now i can able to write only Image format,

I am not able to write data CD (which contains all different files)

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