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Unlock Dealer Lock on Koss KD260 DVD player
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Unlock Dealer Lock on Koss KD260 DVD player

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hung78 on February 21, 2009
Unlock Dealer Lock on Koss KD260 DVD player

The dealer lock feature was intended to prevent theft of discs when on display at the retail location. To turn it off:
1- Turn on the player
2- Press and hold the "stop" button on the front panel of the player. While holding that, simultaneously press the "power" button on the remote control. You can release both buttons now. A message will say "dealer lock off" and now you can eject the disc.
Paul on March 25, 2010
RE:Koss KD260 DVD player stops playing

The DVD player just shuts off on it's own after its plays for about 10 seconds. It does it automatically.
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