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alexopoulos George on March 3, 2003

Hello,i have Partition magic pro 7 in my windows Xp and i want to make a partition to install there Mandake linux 9.How i will do it???thanks a lot..!
Eric Georgieff on March 3, 2003
RE: Partirion

Alexopoulos George,

Partition Magic is fairly intuitive software and should not cause you too many difficulties.


1. Reduce the size of your current partition, if it is occupying the entirety of your hard drive at the current moment. You can determine this by looking at the pretty graphics Partition Magic provides.

2. Create a new parition that occupies all the remaining space on the hard drive.

3. Select the format of the partition. For Windows 95 this is Fat16, for Windows 95C/98/ME this is Fat32, for Windows NT/2000/XP this is NTFS and finally for Linux it is simply "Linux".

4. Click the button to begin the procedure. At this point, Partition Magic may exit windows and potentially reboot your computer to perform the required operations.

Please note that Linux installations often require a seperate "swap" partition that you should also create. This partition is used to store virtual memory (used when you run out of physical RAM), and has its own distinct format. Typical sizes for such a swap partition range from 100 Mb to 1 Gb. You should consult your Linux documentation to determine if such a partition is required for your distribution.

I hope this helps,

Eric Georgieff
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