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Internet Explorer Colses by itself
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Internet Explorer Colses by itself

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Waldo on June 6, 2009
Internet Explorer Colses by itself

Like most of you... Pulling out your hair cz Internet Explorer close down itself.... Well its not to say you have virus... Might be.. But i had the same problem... it all came down to Internet Explorers add-on's...Disable them all and them try it again. Then Enable one by one and soon you will be ''with hope find the buged add on'' happy.
I had Internet Explorer close on me Saying first Memory error and then ''cant Access memory and so on''.... Now its just fine.
This might happen when the you shut down your pc while it is installing the Add-on or updating...
Nb Stay away from Reg-cleaners....

Hope this will help you..


South Africa yes we do have pc's here lol
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