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still on the write protection error.
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still on the write protection error.

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Kira on November 20, 2009
still on the write protection error.

I tried the tape. I had validated that my adapter is not at wrong. i can format it using my camera, micro sd into the sd adapter into the camera and fomated it. i tried the regedit path. tried some program of reformatiing, stay unlocked, etc. but i can bypass by reading it from camera, video recorder, but not through phone cable. So the error lies in windows update perhaps, or root behaviour? im not asking for solution, im asking for dicussion to what actually cause this.
Kira on November 20, 2009
RE: still on the write protection error.

i take that back, seems like there's a program, bug, worm or virus or something that won't allow me to write to my card. I can read the card just fine through my camera, but when i try to write it suddenly disconnects, only letting me write only one file.
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