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mmc card eror
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mmc card eror

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Subir Singha on February 20, 2010
mmc card eror

I have a problem with my mmc card.Since today iam transfer a picture in Nokia 3110c handset with my Samsung handset,in few minitue the file will not transfer yet and my handset is of,then after few minitue I am on my set but the mmc card is not open only seen that format.Then I open the card and put it in my pc with card reder.The card will show all of his file but whhen I open the file there is no data is shown.Then I scan the card and show 11 file will skiped,after I will try to format the card,the card is not format said that card is busy and eror.please help me what shall I do.thanks.
Xantara on August 19, 2011

Holy shzniit, this is so cool thank you.
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