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installed 2nd CDRW & it doesnt appear in XP
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installed 2nd CDRW & it doesnt appear in XP

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Steve on March 27, 2003
installed 2nd CDRW & it doesnt appear in XP

I recently purchased a new Cendyne CDRW and installed it into my fairly new XP machine, which already had an Asus CDRW. Installation was "easy", connected as a Secondary slave to the 1st CDRW on same cable. Drive has power, door opens and closes, lights up, etc. However, new drive does not show up in XP, no record of it in Device Manager (only my original Asus shows up), XP cannot find it when I try Add New Hardware. Nothing happens when I put a CD into drive, no error messages on boot, no codes; simply missing. However, it DOES show up in BIOS. IDE setings shows it all correctly. One hard drive as Primary Master, my original Asus CDRW as Secondary Master, my new Cendyne as Secondary slave. Any suggestions as to what to do to get the 2nd CDRW to appear in XP? I've read some of the posts here about UPPER and LOWER filters in the Registry, but haven't seen an exact description of my particular problem, and am a bit "afraid" to mess with the registry when absolutely everthing else is working just fine. Please advise. Thank you!
Steve on March 31, 2003
RE: installed 2nd CDRW & it doesnt appear in XP

OK, I've partially solved this issue now, but not completely. Motherboard on my computer is Intel D845BG. I've been reading at Intel website, came across "Disappearing Devices" concerning the Intel Application Accelerator software( and followed instructions. Lowered the transfer mode rate from Ultra DMA down one notch at a time until at PIO4 rate the CDRW suddenly appeared. Everything works fine. I'm a computer novice, should I be concerned about the slower PIO4 transfer mode rate?

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