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CD Writing Problem
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CD Writing Problem

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Nash4444 on April 16, 2003
CD Writing Problem

Hi I have a Sony CRX175A1 CDRWriter, and im having problems burning CDs, be it CDRs or CDRWs. The drive reads OK, recognises CDs too. The problems comes when i try to burn a CD. Ive used several burn softwares, different makes of CDRs and CDRWs, and different copy processes, but i get the same problem. The burn process seems to work, the memory buffer is shown as enough, the burning counts up to 100% with no probs. I even get a message at the end saying 'the burn process was completed successfully.' However when i check CD, theres nothing on it, no data, no bytes, but the CD is shown as used and so with CDRs they are unusable again. Ive checkd the Data ribbon cables are plugged in. Im not sure what the problems is and what else to check. Any ideas and help would be great?
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