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CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem
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CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

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Jay on April 18, 2003
CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

Hi I have a Sony CRX175A1 CDRWriter, and im having problems burning CDs, be it CDRs or CDRWs. The drive reads OK, recognises CDs too. The problems comes when i try to burn a CD. Ive used several burn
softwares, different makes of CDRs and CDRWs, and different copy processes, but i get the same problem. The burn process seems to work, the memory buffer is shown as enough, the burning counts up to 100% with no probs. I even get a message at the end saying 'the burn process was completed successfully.' However when i check CD, theres nothing on it, no data, no bytes, but the CD is shown as used and so with CDRs they are unusable again. Ive checkd the Data ribbon cables are plugged in. Im not sure what the problems is and what else to check. Any ideas and help would be great?
Eric Georgieff on April 18, 2003
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

Hi Jay,

That seems awfully wierd. I have never heard of such a problem before. Have you tried reading your freshly burned CD-Rs in another computer? As well, what version of Windows are you running?

Eric Georgieff
Cory on April 6, 2004
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

Yea man, I'm getting the same problem. I used Cd-rw's and it would say burn process completed...and when i'd play it in a cd player or couldnt read the if there was no data on the disc. Anyone know what causes this or know's how to fix it?
Ravi Rane on May 9, 2004
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I am using CRX175A1 CD ReWriter along with samsong Cd Rom suddenly both Cd rom's drivers have curruped where shall i get drivers?
Jorge on May 21, 2004
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

Hi my problem is that my CD ReWriter can´´t read CD. I need know the number part of the optical laser pickup.
jon inazio on July 14, 2004
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I have a problem with this unit, too. my problem is that some of 800 and 900 mb cd's connot be read. One of the solutions is upgrade the firmware or driver but how? please help me.
Sieger on August 4, 2004
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I've got a problem too with the writer. I cant read cd's, but if i restart with the same cd i can
dahsh on November 2, 2004
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

my problem is with a sony crx-2101 rewriter drive... it stopped reading good quality cd's first.. i opened it and cleaned it doesn't spin at a constant speed when writing cd's.. and hardly reads any cd.. after burning.. the lower side of the cd looks wavy... with all cd's it spin speed is not constant.. plzz help.. thanks
SoHo on January 31, 2005
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I have had my CRX175a1 since around 2002. It is one of the fastest and most reliable burner I have seen on the market for its speed. However, I have continually had minimal problems with it. When I first purchased it, as soon as I had burned my first CD, the drivers for my IDE channel became corrupted and had to be re-installed. This happened on two seperate mainboards.

Recently, however, I have been unable to repair a problem it is having. Out of nowhere both my CD-ROM (generic) and the CRX175a1 failed to read ANY cds. Every CD either didn't register or was recognized as a blank disk. These were not burned disks, they were original copies. So I tried everything from re-installing drivers, re-installing IDE channel drivers, busmaster drivers, replacing ribbon cables, switching the IDE channel ports, to switching the drive to a completely different system.

Not long ago I fixed the problem with the generic CD-ROM by switching the jumpers so that the generic was the Master and the CRX175a1 was the slave. The generic now reads perfectly, even with the jumpers set back.

I did notice that all types of binary readers (for reading / flashing firmware on the drives) are unable to initialize the RW drive at all. With burning programs (such as NERO), when I tried to get it to burn, the program (NERO) simply gives the status message: Initializing Drive..." over and over again.

But the drive is recognized in BIOS, but I have been unable to test it in DOS.

I am convinced it is some type of problem with the drive itself and has nothing to do with software / firmware.
Nihar on June 28, 2005
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I have LG CD-RW combo drive. Even i am unable to read the rewriteble cd's after I burn then in nero, where nero shows the message that burn process completed succesfully. Can anybody plz solve this problem
SAM on September 10, 2005
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

My blank cd's only get recognised after the computer has been off for a long period of time! It recognises audio cd's and cd roms though??? weird! can ne1 help???
john on October 7, 2005
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

hey my problem is i am runnin windows xp and one day my cd rewriter stoped working i cant even get the tray to open so i cant copy cd's anymore wots wrong with it and wot can i do to fix it
Jerry on October 29, 2005
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem


I had to reformat my hard drive and I lost the drivers . Can I download new drivers and where?

I have a copy of Nero will it work?
Ednei on November 1, 2005
CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I have a recorder of COMPACT DISC CRX175A1 but I do not obtain to install because I do not have the installation compact disc. I also looked for for some sites of the manufacturer and I did not find. you know where I can find?
bayu on December 11, 2005
LG CD ReWriter problem

i have a problem with my LG cd rewriter.even unable to read / write file of cd. could anybody get solve my problem?.
Ryan on January 16, 2006
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

my cd burner wont burn on the cds that i have... everything is hooked up correctly but it says that it cant read the disk, it may be damaged or dirty.i cleaned and bought new disks but same message comes up...what kind of disks should i use specifically.right now i am using memorex
CD-R cd's and they wont burn. sincerely
peter on January 28, 2006
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

my cd burner(sony crx175A1) keeps opening when I boot up the comp ,I am running windows 2000 nt,can anyone suggest how to fix?
oonagh on April 8, 2006
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

I had similar problems with Nero rewrite - it would never work for me. it seemed to copy to cd but there'd be nothing there. The tray would open for no reason. Recently i put an updated version of nero and it is now working (after years!). However, in my haste i have knocked the open cd rewriter tray and now it is jammed. does anyone know how the tray mechanism works? how can i tease it shut without breaking it.
josh on April 21, 2006
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

i have the same problem so if somone would like to help me it would be much apreciated.
vikas kumar on July 27, 2006
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

cd is not reading
Grant on September 17, 2006
optical/laser pick up

Am looking for a optical/laser pick up for DVD,
part number: KHM-232B HD6010918A-0546
Or any compartible part.
eamonn on November 11, 2007
RE: CRX175A1 CD ReWriter problem

hi, my cd rom works fine but i'm unable to burn music to my cds. I've tried different kinds of cds but to no avail,. What do i have to do to correct this problem? someoene,anyone pleeeeaaase!
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