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Sims 1
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Sims 1

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Sims problems on July 27, 2010
Sims 1

I have a problem:
when i install the sims triple deluxe, start sims.exe, the sims deluxe edition logo pops-up and nothing else happens! it doesnt freeze, it just goes back to the desktop as if i didnt run anything when i did!
i also have another problem:
i try to install sims house party expansion pack, it loads and says that i dont have enough hard disk space when i have up to 600mb virtual memory and over 9gb hard disk! is it because its trying to install the expansion pack onto the cd?

I have another problem:
i have the original sims and hot date has a message that says that i havent installed the original sims when i have installed it because it comes with triple deluxe!
Ive got all the expansion packs in 1 package!
Help plz!
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