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Why can I only burn 80 minutes of MP3 songs onto a CD
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Why can I only burn 80 minutes of MP3 songs onto a CD

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S on October 25, 2010
Why can I only burn 80 minutes of MP3 songs onto a CD

Burning Audi CD in Nero Start Smart.
The MP3 songs that I am trying to burn (on 700 MB CD) have a total run time of 2hrs 35 min and total space of 71.5 MB. However after the 80 minute mark, it does not allow copying although plenty of space is there on the CD. Why is this? Can I not fill the entire CD with 700 MB of songs irrespective of the length?
Pl help.
Eric on October 25, 2010
RE: Why can I only burn 80 minutes of MP3 songs onto a CD

Hi S,

It sounds to me like you are trying to burn the MP3 files as CD audio tracks. A CD-ROM disc can contain up to 700 megabytes of data. However, it can only contain 80 minutes of CD audio.

If you want to play the MP3 format songs in an old CD player, you will have to burn them as audio tracks, in which case the maximum you can put on your CD is 80 minutes of running time worth of songs.

If you want to try playing them in a new CD player (one that can read .mp3 files and play them) then burn them as data (not audio). To burn them as data using Nero burning rom pick "Nero Burning ROM" from the "Data" subfolder of the Nero folder in your Start Menu. Then try placing the data disc into your CD player. If it can play the MP3 files, then your CD player is capable of reading MP3 files. If it cannot play any music, then that is an indication that you have an older CD player that cannot read .mp3 files. In that case you will have to burn the CD as an Audio cd (with a maximum running time of 80 minutes).

7th Ray on January 10, 2012
RE: Why can I only burn 80 minutes of MP3 songs onto a CD

Dear Eric,

THANK YOU for explaining this.

I have been trying to figure out why I could not make an mp3 cd longer than 80 minutes for some time now, unaware that it needed to be in data format and not audio. Big difference!

Since there was no reply from the original poster, I hope your reply solved their issue, and I'm grateful to them for posting the question because it led me here.

I'm now able to burn hours of mp3's on my 8hr audio/700mb data discs. Now I know what the 700mb really means too!

I can't thank you enough.

Also, for anyone reading this, I use a program called Sonic. All I did was choose the "Data Disc" option from the home screen and you can take it from there.

I'm sure most mp3 burning software contains the option to create a data disc.

I still can't believe how simple this really turned out to be.

God Bless You!
Daniel on August 13, 2012
RE: Why can I only burn 80 minutes of MP3 songs onto a CD


Now i ran into the same problem. But as far as i understand, can i
then burn the mp3 files to the disc and use the disc as a data disc
instead of a music disc? And can i then only play the disc on a CD-
player that can run mp3 files?

Really hope for your help!

Best regards

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