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got my presario sr101nx fixed w emachine recovery disc but no sound

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Jimmy new here on January 13, 2011
got my presario sr101nx fixed w emachine recovery disc but no sound

my presario got a virus, kid playing with it, (I am a single parent of last 11 or so years of 1 boy almost 14)...nuff bout me.. ...not sure what happened, but when i went to just completly re boot it with recovery disks it said it wasent accepting any dll files among other in the recovery partition, by that time it was to late, everything had been lost and screen was blank. So out of aggrivation and bordom, i tried the first emachine recovery disk out of curiosity to see if i might be able to get recovery partitions i was missing. But THE EMACHUNE RECOVERY DISK took off and recovered the compaq presario sr101nx, even able to surf net faster than before..but it first asked me for a product key to regester windows before 30 days, so my boy got on you tube and found out a fake product regestration code just for this, havent had a warning since......OK THAT WAS WHAT LED UP TO MY ORIGINAL QUESTION,..Everything on my presario seens to be working great so far, but I have no sound coming out of it at all, not even showing it's avaliable, does anyone know where I can get the right drivers, maybe how to get them off the presario disks?...I am at a loss, any suggestions would be helpful, even if you think it seems silly, best inventions were first silly ones, that sparked a whole nother unthought of idea...may give me an idea LOL...anyone ever tried this could maybe help me......I am not very computer friendly, just really learning, take care of my stuff long as i can , poor and on disability, try and fix small things when it breaks, so i can keep little pride...but not scared to ask for help by a long shot when i'm stumped or i'd never learn.....please any help at all will be greatly appriciated more than you will know, I cant afford an new or even second hand computer unless a friend sells me one very cheap, which is rare, and usually broke LOL.....thank you for reading my ad if you made it this far, and god bless everyone that can help and especially those struggling like i am
Jimmy new here on January 13, 2011
RE: got my presario sr101nx fixed w emachine recovery disc but no sound

Was a long letter of mine at OCD, i tend to go into detail...short version, anyone know how to make the sound work on a compaq that has been recovered with a emachines recovery disk.that is the only problem I have encoured, my guess is some way to take driver/progrom off the original compaq presario disk and have only it installed onto the emachine progrom running the "compaq T2885"
jimmy new here on January 13, 2011
RE: got my presario sr101nx fixed w emachine recovery disc but no sound

AND MAY YOUR GOD BLESS YOU EVERYONE WHETHER YOU CAN HELP OR NOT!! Just a friendly hello does more good than anything when you stumped and frustrated........Jimmy
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