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Presario 5000
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Presario 5000

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Gregory Warren Gallo on February 5, 2011
Presario 5000

I just read the conversations regarding Copmaq Presaio 5000 series difficulties, as I have a Compaq Presario 5000 series 5BW120 and have been wanting to reconfigure my BIOS as I have made operating system and hardware changes since my Dad bought my Computer (Electrolla) for me in 1999. I know some people refer to older Computers as dinosaurs but to me and some other people Computers are persons and in that I defend Electrolla :-) The first Computer class I ever took was before Electrolla came into my possession and the instructor I think very much of, amongst less rememberred data, he taught that except ny intentional destruction or natural disaster/accident Computers do not break unless you miss set the BIOS/ROM, if you have made that mistake your Computer may be dead for most practical purposes :-( There is the chance you could repair themother board but you would need a good Computer repair technician to do that for you and it would be theequivealanet of getting a heart transplant which I would choose death before taking another persons heart. I do have the original recovery discs but since there are software agreements that would be violated if I were to make copies or lend them out I wont do that. What I suggest is for all of you that need recovery discs is to form a coalition and petition microsft and Computer manufactuers stating that Computers are att least valued and for practical purposes continueing to make available needed software and support for "dinosaurs" is not only in everyones best interest it is also potentially lucrative, complimenting environmentalism and our senses of what is morally correct. Ass far as the larger hard drives go, I learned somewhere along the way that Electrolla only can reognize hard drives up to 80 gigabytes, it came with a 15 gig hard drive, since then I have aquirred more than 6 hard drives and while I only use one of them, the others serve as spare and have different operating systems as some software we have is not interchageably compatible between different operating systems and I just like have the availability of choice of the three different operating systems for Electrolla and I. There is a store in Greenbrae california that has done some really good things for us, its called "Computer Connection" and the technician I have been pleased with name is Morgan, they are not cheap but if you value and think something of your dinasaur Computer connection is a good place to start, their phone number is 01 (415) 925-0200. Regarding geeting a coalition together to aquire the software andsupport we need for older Computers a protest or more might not be a nad idea, thats allwaysa good way to wake up megga companies a bit :-) Good luck "eby" (everybody) Sincerely yours, Gregory Warren Galloway, Greg. (415) 261-2037 call anytime if you want to :-)
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