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Sims 2 cheats and tipz :D
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Sims 2 cheats and tipz :D

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Karipaola on April 9, 2011
Sims 2 cheats and tipz :D

First go on yur game and select a place. Once yer there you press in shift,ctrl,c all together. A long box will show up out of nowhere on top of yur screen. If that happens type in Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. (Exactly like that) It will unlock many cheats. Like you can Unlock new wardrobes yur sims couldnt wear and you could raise up your bar when yur sim is hungrey or needs to take a bath you can raise it by draging yur bar even if you want to get along with somebody you do the same thing. And let's say ur sims was poor and you wanted to buy a sims bed but you couldnt cause yuh didnt have alot of money you could type in the bar Motherlode and you could get 50,000 simillions or you could type in kashing and it will give you 1,000 simillions. Also if you wanted to place a vase on top of a tv (lmao) or like on a shelf you can type in Moveobjects on and you could it also allows you to pick up ur sims and other objects you couldnt pick up before. Yeah and thats it hehehe :] Theres alot more cheats but im kinda too lazy to write it all in so check it up on youtube! Baii :D!!
Karipaola on April 9, 2011
RE: Sims 2 cheats and tipz :D

Oh, and btw Please reply xdDDDD Lmao.
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