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Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !
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Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

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Soul on June 26, 2003
Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

Hello .. Iam having a problem with my Sony CD-R/RW CRX175A2 and I,ll be really thankful if anyone suggested a help to solve it . I have recently purchased it and installed it to my computer and it has working perfect either recording or reading the CDs .

All of a sudden since the last 2 weeks , I would put a CD and it wont read it . Just keep spinning it and the little green bulb keeps flashing constantly . I use NERO 5.5 to make the CDs and when I put a CD to continue recording using a multisession , Nero wont even recognize that there is a CD in the drive so it can resume . Do you think there is a reason for that ? I mean I dont overuse the writer itself . I burn CDs every 3 weeks or the like , and the thing is brand new .

So basically I can burn CDs , but the same CD wont be read by the drive after that , which also wont enable me to carry out multisession records . What shall I do ?

Thanks in advance .
Soul on June 27, 2003
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

please there anything to be done ?
Eric Georgieff on June 28, 2003
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

Have you tried putting regular CDs in the drive (CDs that were actually mastered using a different process)? As well, have you tried putting the CDs you created with the writer in another CD-Rom drive to see if it will read them?

If the CD-Writer really won't read any CDs, then something must be wrong with the read head, and I recommend you bring it back to Sony, if it is still under warranty. But make sure it doesn't read normal CDs, because CD-Rs are often difficult for drives to read.

Eric Georgieff
Soul on June 28, 2003
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

I have tried putting other regular CDs like music audioable CDs and the like and it worked . The only problem is with the CDs recorded . So what should I do be doing regarding that ?
N5RDC on June 29, 2004
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

Go into My Computer & right-click on the drive & select Properties, then check your options to make sure they are set correctly.
Anarchizt on July 23, 2004
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

I am having the same exact problems.. in the last few weeks i have burned cds but when i put them in my cd player.. either one, it hangs the computer, occassionally it will actuall,y read the cd, in which case what i have burned is on it., but when i try to access the cd/ copy files are execute them from cd, again it hangs up, and my computer stops working until i remove the cd.. I am using a Pioneer DVD -R 104 and have had no problems until recently- also i have used both Alchohol 120 and Nero to burn cds/ both seem to burn but wont read the cds-- I am almost convinced its the CDs im using to burn-- they are Sony CDR's and all my trouble seem to start when i bought them/ could be coincedence, but it seems everything else is in working order.
lipas_biru on October 8, 2004
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

alooo crocodile hunter..
buy a new one laahh
PBMCD on November 13, 2004
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

Im having the same problem here as well, sometimes it reads the date from both CDR/WR and DVDR/WR but other times it comes up saying the disk is blank, even thougth the data has been writen with the same drive!!

Any help would be appreciated!!
Jasvanth on March 19, 2005
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

exact smae problem i dont get it. it reads normal discs but the cds ive burnt dont work on both my cd drives, the one that just reads the cd and the one that burns and reads the cd. what should i do. someone help.
Migra on June 29, 2005
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

I'm having the fuckin' same problem here!.. i bought a cd writer and this problem happened!.. then i throw it to trash... and i bought a cd/dvd combo.. and guess what??? here is the shit once more... now i wanna buy a dvd writer.. but... I'm so affraid the problem remains here... I've been thinkin in the possible shit that the problem lies on the IDE cable or maybe in the motherboard itself... also in a lil program i've been using for burning CUE files.. aka CDRWin3.9E .. i remember when i installed it the program asked me for installing a "cdrwin drivers"... i'm thinkin that those drivers are the problem... so my cuestion is this?
Did you guys install CDRWin3.9E?

However i have no fuckin' clue on where is the problem... if you guys have the answer i'll really appreciate you let me know it so i can fix it...
Jonesy on November 8, 2005
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

Hi Guys,

I had the exact same problem with a HP DVD 640b Writer. I was running NERO Suite as my burning package, however after reading around it sounds like NERO clobbers all existing API services when running. So I tried uninstalling Nero - rebooting and this fixed the problem straight away.

Hope this helps

Regards Jonesy
erica on February 15, 2006
RE: Sony CDR-RW Doest Read CDs It Burns !

y wont my cd work its burnt legaly?seriuos plz help i hate it !
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