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My OS Hangs!!!
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My OS Hangs!!!

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Elavarasan on July 7, 2003
My OS Hangs!!!

Hi All,

Nice to meet you. I'm from India. I've a PC at home, which is being a nightmare for me, for the past few months. The system hangs whenever I minimize the explorer or some other running application. I tried to change the graphical settings also (256 colors to 16 colors). This time it took little more time to hang (finally this one also hangs, but after some time).

This one happened in Win 98. Now I've installed win 2000 in my machine. But still facing the same problem.

What could be the reason? Any problem with my Display card? or Mother Board? or Drivers? I tried my level best to fix it but in vain.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sushant Virdi on October 6, 2003
RE: My OS Hangs!!!

This happens when you have installed a program not ment for your operating system. The program may had overwritten some of the dll files. Try uninstalling the software from control pannel>aad remove programs or there could a virus in your computer.
selvakumar on September 29, 2004
RE: My system hangs

dear all
this is selvakumar from india
there is a problem in my pc
its a IBM system with win98 second edition i have office xp and for the virus i have norton 2003
this system hangs for a few munites and comes back to normal again its not continiously hanging
only for few lets say one minute not only when i open an application but almost for every process

i regularly update the windows and the antivirus and almost scan every day but no virus found
i even download the stinger also and scan

this is been irritating pls suggest me some thing

thanks and regards
Kyle on November 2, 2004
RE: My OS Hangs!!!

get a match, burn the computer, and buy a new one.
just joking..

-> try using Linux
Banuprathap on January 24, 2005
RE: My OS Hangs!!!

its a problem with motherboard,i was facing some problem .after changing motherboard system is working fine.

MHairulIbrahim on March 2, 2005
RE: My OS Hangs!!!

try scandisk with surface scan
or by command:
goto Start -> run -> cmd -> chkdsk -> press enter

try it
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