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Samsung Printer series SCX 4300 printer driver

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Tan Kuan Seng on June 27, 2011
Samsung Printer series SCX 4300 printer driver

Can anyone advise what I can do to use my Mac OS X to print. I have a Samsung SCX 4300
mukesh kumar on December 23, 2011
RE: Samsung Printer series SCX 4300 printer driver

printer & scaner download
mukesh kumar on December 23, 2011
RE: Samsung Printer series SCX 4300 printer driver

please software download
Samir on March 26, 2012

After I was finally able to get the wsielers up and running I like how the machine operates. Samsung does not include all the instructions for syncing the wsielers (if there were instructions then I overlooked them). I'm not going to go through all of the steps, however I will offer three critical parts that should get you on your way if you have any knowledge about setting up a home network. 1. After you install the software, place your IP address in the address bar and press enter. 2. After you have done step one (and the configuration under the wsielers section), you will need to go to your printers and right click on properties (for the samnsung scx-4500) and add a port using your IP address. 3. In order to use the wsielers scanning feature, you must go back to the samsung website (download center) and download the Scan Driver/Scan Manager software. After you have installed, the Samsung Scan Manager will be located under control panel. I made a desktop shortcut. Note the steps listed above are for PC users. Anywho, smooth printing, great color scanning but a bit of a headache to set up. The tech support at Samsung was nice and patient and English speaking! Good luck!
Lilian on October 27, 2020
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