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Converting Adaptec data cd to Nero compatible

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Rhonda on July 25, 2003
Converting Adaptec data cd to Nero compatible

I have just installed a new cd writer on my computer which is supported by Nero. My old burner was supported by Adaptec. Now I cannot retrieve data from the cd's I previously used as floppy disks. What can I do to retrieve this data?
Richard on June 6, 2004
RE: Converting Adaptec data cd to Nero compatible

It's a pitty you have n't any answer from somebody who knows and it is almost a year later! But I cann't even so give you the answer; so I have the same problem like you and so the same question. If you know the answer you make less two people happy!
Phil on May 25, 2005
RE: Converting Adaptec data cd to Nero compatible

Only one answer per year !
very good... but as Richard said too, i've the same problem with nero 6 wich can't read my cds written with Adaptec ! It's a pity that the data are not readable by the two.
I asked the "Nero after sales" but they can't help me !
So, what must i do with all my cds i can't read ?
I think i'll be able to uninstall Nero and re-install Adaptec, copy my cds on harddisk and move them after with Nero... Very easy ! Thanks Nero !

Phil from France
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