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cd-r installation
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cd-r installation

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simon on June 11, 2001
cd-r installation

I have recently bought a LG cd-r. I have managed to connect it correctly (i think), ensuring that the CD-rom drive is set a master and the cd-r is set as slave. There is power to both drives and i have a D and E drive registered on my computer. ALthough when i check the properties of my E-drive it reads as a Cd-rom drive. Is this right, or should it say a Cd-r drive?

Furthermore, although the Cd-r drive can play Cds, the same as a CD-rom drive i cannot actually copy anything using the drive. I have adaptec easy cd cdopier software, and everytime i insert a blank cd into the cd-r as it requests the computer just freezes and i have to restart it by turning off the power. Why is this? is it the software or a wrong connection internally to the cd-r. I have tried changing the copying speed, different cd's, everything apart from throwing it out the window!!! PLEASE HELP!
Ben on August 3, 2001
RE: cd-r installation

Funny!!! I had the same exact problem last night. What I have found out is that although for a 4x, which i had working before last night, Roxio's Easy Creator4.02 works great. However, it was not programmed to recognize 12X, which are considered High Speed Drives(HSD). GO to this link...
and download the appropriate upgrade to 4.05. This might sound stupid but I have yet to get mine to work, but thats because i messed with the config when it didnt work the first time. When you download it and run it, test the drive to recognize it and you should be set. Im still stuck on the master and slave thing....
Please do me a favor and let me know what happpens.
shame_12345 on November 2, 2001
RE: cd-r installation

i have a problem with my computer on how to install cd-r drive for reprogramming both some how it's not working, i am using an apple cd-r drive, because when i scandisk c: it only found 1 bad cluster and fixed it, and i copied command, and scandisk to the cd-r drive it's working, but how do i reprogram my computer for win98, and how to install the cd-r drive prooperly.
Asher on May 17, 2002
RE: cd-r installation

I am having the similar problem as I think I have installed the LG's CDR-DVD-CD-RW correctly but the Easy CD Creator 5 doesn't work. Initally it started hanging but then I came across a "Reservation Conflict" saying that my drive is already in use so I can't record anything on it.
kenneth on February 22, 2003
how to install cd-r software

whenever i try to burn a cd it always says "no cd-r found" i need help
Dan on December 28, 2003
RE: cd-r installation

i bought a media-stor cd-r everyting installed , drive, software... except the audio cable.
I know where it goes on the cd burner....but where does it go on the motherboard??????
Eric Georgieff on December 28, 2003
RE: cd-r installation


To find out where to connect the audio cable on the motherboard you should refer to the motherboard manual which should have came with the motherboard. If you did not receive a motherboard manual, you can check the website of your motherboard manufacturer to see if they have a copy online.

Eric Georgieff
Jack Volz on January 6, 2004
RE: cd-r installation

How can I run a check to confirm that my Dell 2100 is CD-R equipped?
Jack Volz on January 6, 2004
RE: cd-r installation

How do I check my Dell 2100 CP if it is CD-R installed ?
Christina on July 28, 2004
RE: re-programming

I was wondering if someone can tell me how to re-program my whole computer all over again..if you can help..i appreciate it very much..thank you
rob on August 5, 2004
RE: cd-r installation

I have just replaced my cd-rom with a btc combi, but my computer will not boot up with this device, where have i gone wrong
sherry on December 31, 2004
can not detect a cd burner

i have a message come up on my compter saying real play can not find a cd burner on my computer. what do i do?
Elizabeth D Smalls on February 10, 2005
RE: cd-r installation

AOL you sent me a cd to upgrade to 9. Now the cd holder will not open. Therefore I cannot get your cd out.
Sincerely, Mrs. Smalls
Jaimon on October 19, 2005
RE: cd-r installation

how to connect the LG cd-rw to DVD
mercy smth on March 11, 2006
RE: cd-r installation

pls help me
magdelines on November 15, 2006
RE: cd-r installation

Please help urgently
tony on January 27, 2007
RE: cd-r installation

i have just installed LG dvd/cd rom cdrw combi into my computer but it only shows cd-rom on source D ,can you please help , what is wrong , yours gratefully tony .
Terri on October 9, 2009
RE: cd-r installation

How to install a CD R drive
ajeesh on February 10, 2011
RE: cd-r installation

i have just install cdr
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