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Setup does not recognise the printer (Dell 725)
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Setup does not recognise the printer (Dell 725)

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Printerguy on November 12, 2011
Setup does not recognise the printer (Dell 725)

Hello people,

I have the same problem as "Ulrich" already mentioned in the comments for the driver.

Ullrich on September 6, 2011
N o success after installation of YOUR driver version (64bit Win7). After plugging the USB connector when requested, the USB plug-and-play does NOT identify a driver for Dell 725. Any more help from you guys ? Appreciate

I downloaded the driver for my DEll 725 (Win 7, 64bit) but at a certain point I cannot continue the setup because the setup does not recognise the printer. That is why, the "next" button stays grey and I cannot continue the installation.
Any ideas how to solve this problem? I already tried the most simple solutions like restarting the computer, to remove the printer from the device manager before starting the setup or to install the driver via the update driver option in the device manager.

Thanks in advance!
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