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slow downloads on music files
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slow downloads on music files

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david riley on June 15, 2001
slow downloads on music files

could you tell me why it takes at least 15 minutes to down load one song (from napster music )onto my hard drive !
Eric Georgieff on June 28, 2001
RE: slow downloads on music files

There could be many factors affecting the speed of your download.

When information travels across the internet, it passes through many servers and different connections. The speed it takes information to go from one location to another will always be equal to the speed of the slowest connection encountered along the way.

However, since most commercial servers are hooked up to high speed connections such as T1, T3, OC3, etc... the slow down you are experiencing is most probably caused by either your connection to the internet (especially if you are using a modem) or the speed of the connection of the Napster user you are downloading from (especially if they are using a modem).

If you wish to have quicker internet speeds, I suggest you subscribe to a high-speed internet service for residential customers, such as Cable (marketed under the @Home label in North America) or ADSL from your local telephone company.

Eric Georgieff
robin on November 11, 2001
RE: slow downloads on music files

i need help maybe you can help me please. how do i get music to down load and how do i down load them to files to send to my friends? im not good on computor yet.. im sorry i just thought someone could help me...
mike on December 15, 2001
RE: slow downloads on music files

I would like to know how to send music files (downloaded from Kazaa or Audiogalaxy)via email.
Rozie on July 31, 2004
RE: slow downloads on music files

Yeah, how can you download files from kazaa quicker?
mahen on September 26, 2004
RE: slow downloads on music files

my system is affected with sasser virus restart problem
Kristy on February 8, 2005
RE: slow downloads on music files

I just bought a new computer with Windows XP and I have an alpha shield (hardware firewall). I cannot download music fast anymore (or at all) can you help?
Tizzy on August 23, 2005
RE: slow downloads on music files

how do I e mail or send a music file to a friend?
jackie on November 22, 2007
how do I

How do I down load my cds into my computor?
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