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cd-rw writing:drive buffer problem
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cd-rw writing:drive buffer problem

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maylar on December 22, 2003
cd-rw writing:drive buffer problem

I have Sony Cd-R/RW (model#CRX 210E1) and lately I have some problems, to. When write on CD-RW discs, everything is O.K. no matter on which speed I'm burning. But, when I try to write on Cd-R, again, no matter on speed, drive buffer wont fill (not underrun...he's wont fill at all, from the beginning!) and finally I must restart the computer, to get my cd out, couse burner continue to try, even when I abort the process. What a @###! is happening? I did everything that posible. Disable auto-notification, rename scsi1hlp.vxd, close background programs, nothing helps. In this moment I can't defragment my hard drive (long story) and my RAM is so-so, but if that’s the problem, why I can write on CD-RW, with no problem at all! Somebody help, please, I’m driving nuts here! Thanks
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