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Verto fx5200 problem
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Verto fx5200 problem

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Lee Armstrong on December 29, 2003
Verto fx5200 problem

Right here goes:

I bought a Verto GeForce FX5200 PCI 128MB video card today and 6 hours later, it's still not working.

I have done the following: Removed the old drivers for my onboard graphics. Disabled the onboard graphics in the bios. Installed the new card and software. Selected PCI as primary graphics in the bios. Updated the drivers supplied to the latest version. Updated my monitor drivers. Here's the problem:

When I reboot with the onboard graphics disabled, everything starts fine..... I get a little message that says that I am using an nVidia FX5200 card just before windows boots. I then get the "Windows XP is loading" progress bar. Then, when by rights my background image and icons should appear and the programmes start loading onto the start bar, my screen goes black and after maybe 5 seconds, my monitor goes onto standby. Evenything is still there - if I click randomly with the mouse, I get the windows error beeps etc, I just can't see anything.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

My system is:

1.7Ghz Intel III Celeron proc
256MB Ram
Mitak motherboard (version A01 I think?)
Soundblaster Live soundcard
DVD/RW drive
And of course a new graphics card that I'm having no luck with.

Eric Georgieff on December 29, 2003
RE: Verto fx5200 problem


That sounds like an awefully weird problem. Have you tried booting in safe mode? It may be that Windows is still using settings that were suited for your old video card and that are incompatible with your new one.

If booting in safe mode does not solve the problem, perhaps you can try hooking up your monitor to your old video port and see if somehow your old motherboard video card is still active and Windows is using it as its primary video adapter.

Wishing you luck,

Eric Georgieff
Lee Armstrong on December 30, 2003
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Thanks Eric. I'll try booting in safe mode.

I have tried plugging my monitor into my onboard when I have the new card installed and have had some interesting results.

If I have the onboard selected in the bios and plug the monitor into the onboard when there are no drivers for the afore mentioned onboard card installed, I can boot into windows as normal with or without the new card, but can only display in 640x480 and 16 colours - I guess because there are no onboard drivers available.

If I plug it in when I have drivers for both cards installed (again selecting the onboard in the bios because of the black screen problem), I can boot into windows as normal, with the correct resolution and number of colours. I can then go to the device manager, disable the onboard in windows and enable the Verto FX5200. This seems fine - I know it's working straight away as all the options in "display" change - i get the option of two monitors for example. However, when I rebooted, something goes very wrong. I lose all the icons on my desktop and the start bar disappeares. I think this is because I still have the onbaord selected in the bios, but had disabled it in windows..... I'm not sure. Anyway as soon as I disabled the 5200 and reenabled the onboard (which is an Intel Extreme 82845G by the way) everything was back to normal.

Thanks for your post eric. I'll give it a go.

Happy new year
TOPxDOG on January 28, 2004
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

well i had the same problem as u, i bought a fx5200 installed it and when windows tried to load up my moniter went into standby, the only way i got around the problem and was a drastic measure was to format the pc and install windows again and it WORKED :).... so if u cant get it to work thats the way it worked for me..all i'd like to know is if anyone knows a way to turn the onboard Extreme 82845G off in bios cos i dont see a option to do device manager it still says i have 2 video cards so would like to know a way of getting rid of this without just disabling it in device manager
Erol SENSOY on May 21, 2004
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Same Problem with palit fx5200. i did format my pc and install again driver cd with came with video card, palit website driver, nvidia website driver... Nothing. After windows desktop appear; same 5 sec ... 5 min black screen appear. Mainboard is MSI 6545 850 pro5 chipset. i try upgrade bios. Nothing. i will purchase new one with another brand...
Be Happy.
Killer B on June 20, 2004
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I have got the same problem of my screen going black after the win xp loading screen. I also have a fx5200 but it has been working for over 1/2 a year before this happened yestarday. I would very much apprecaite it if someone could help me out here. Thanks
fishy on August 13, 2004
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I sometimes have the same problem with my pc.. the signal switches to my video-out. Connect it to you TV and switch it back to the monitor..
Works for me..
Chataway on October 8, 2004
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I have just experienced the same problem with a GeForce MX 440 after having it work perfectly for a year it just stopped and started to put my monitor into standby. Very weird but I reinstalled Windows with success.
runge on December 4, 2004
RE: Verto mx440se 64mb

I purchased a verto mx440se card last year and its been working perfect. I formatted my computer last week and I decided to install the updated drivers on nvidias website (cant find orginal cd) and now i cant go any lower than 1024 x 768 as the screen becomes garbled. any suggestions please before i pull my hair out
Chris on January 17, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Yeah i had the same problem, it tells me something is wrong with the refresh rate. It tells me to go into safe mode and change it, but it doesnt let me change it... :/
nik on February 13, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I have an ATI 9800 pro ALL-IN-WONDER and it was working fine on my brand new custom comp. but i started getting errors and eventually the blue screen of death with the lable "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" I have reformatted/reinstalled windows over 20 times just trying stuff that has been recommended off ATI's and microsofts websites. The problem being that after install the driver for the card it restarts and boots to a black screen. HELP ME PLEASE.
Mohammed on March 19, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Hi, my comps been fine thse pass'd few months, but about a week ago, when i start up my computer, i get this message:

NTLDR is missing
press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

can anybody help me plz??? i'd very much appreciate it. thanks Mohammed
Robin on March 20, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Maraa7eb ya Mohammad...

This error occures usually when u have accidentally deleted or damaged this file...

the best way to repaire this, is by inserting a WINXP cd and boot from it... and select the option Repaire windows...

Best of luck...
josh on April 2, 2005
fx5200 problem

While I was updating my video card bios (geforce 5200) God thought he'd/she'd play joke on me, and make the power go out. So now (even if I tell Computer bios to use onboard video adapter) it just beeps 5-7 times and then monitors goes into standby.....after a moment or 2 I hear windows start-up music.....but I can not re-flash bios to card....basically the eprom bios has been deleted from firmware (its got a blank mind) any suggestions on how to get the bios installed onto my video card again
(dell dimension 4100, pentium III, 1 ghtz, 512 sdram, winXP sp2)
Buffy on May 15, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I got a Leadtek nVidia GF FX5700 256MB A360-TD VIVO graphics card and after about half a year I got my motherboard replaced as my pc got stuck at the blue screen. Now few months later another problem accured. After the windows XP loading screen my screen goes black and stays that way. Similar to you guys.

In general I noticed that my computer goes stuck more and more often which is extremely annoying. Even though it works fine in safe mode and after a few restarts it seems to work fine but ofcourse its bad for my pc. Therefor I'm going to reinstall my pc Hoping that will fix the problem.
cosgrove on June 28, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Don't know if this will help anyone at this late stage but i found that restarting XP in VGA mode then re-installing the graphics card stopped this problem. Go into device manager and delete the graphics card, then restart in VGA mode again, and run the nvidia setup program you get with the drivers, then restart as normal - worked for me.
on July 3, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Yes those who are having problems with black screen boots.. the problem is your video drivers. Boot into safe mode and unstill all video drivers and reboot. It will then prompt to reinsall your video drivers. Worked for me.
sean on July 13, 2005
Video Output randomly disappears.

i'm suffering the same problems, but i'm reluctant to uninstall video drivers, since i have not made andy changes to software or hardware recently. Where would they be reinstalled from, im unsure of teh whereabouts of my load discs. thanks any help appreciated. sean
cosgrove on July 13, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

If you don't have the drivers for the card then go to and click on download drivers, select graphics cards, geforce, and windows XP. Download the drivers to somewhere like the desktop. Then start the computer in vga mode - restart the machine and press f8 repeatedly during startup, after the bios screen, and select start computer in vga mode. When the system boots click start - right click my computer, and select properties. Click the hardware tab and click device manager. Click the + next to display adapters, and right click the graphics card, select uninstall, and confirm that you want this on the popup. Restart the machine and start in vga mode as before. Run the setup program that you downloaded earlier. Restart the machine and hopefully it should work as normal.

Don't know what your level of experience with computers is so I have hopefully made this straightforward but not too patronising. Any problems just post again.
anubis on August 3, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I installed the G force fx 5500 and was getting the same problem but I connected to the on board card and it would work after boot up so I connected two monitors on the G force I would get the boot up and on the onboard I would get the start up then on the settings it showed two monitors if one is not active right clic and enable then look where you have the G force card and then use it as the primery one it worked for me
Kelly on August 9, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I have the same problem also. I had SYSTEM MECHANIC do the UNDO changes on my pc - rebooted my pc --- since rebooting I cannot access my desktop at all - all I get is a black screen. The mouse works perfectly, it's just the screen is black. I have rebooted using bootdisk (BART'S PE) and it says windows was fixed. Yet, I rebooted and the screen is still black. I don't think that it's my video card because when I used the bootdisk of Bart's PE all the graphics are there. My windows boots well, the welcome windows xp comes on, but the desktop is black. Same thing with SAFE MODE. Screen is completely black. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to avoid doing a full recovery system as I dont want to lose my data. IF anyone can help me save my data in ms-dos (what to do, commands, etc), it would be so great. Please, help.
Kelly on August 9, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

By the way, I am using HP Pavillion a819n.
Don on August 9, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

In all these posts, I have not seen any mention of disabling your virus scanner before attempting to install any nVidia graphics drivers?

This is an absolute must and is always stated as a clear requirement in any nVidia graphics driver installation readme file. Also by disabling, I mean really turning off virus checking. I run Symantec corp AV and I have found out the only way of fully turning it off is to stop and disable every XP service related to it.

Finally, there is a free utility called "DriveClearer" that will totally remove all driver file references. It works especially well at removing exisiting nVidia graphic drivers.
Needs to be run in safe mode after you have previously removed your old drivers via preferably, add/remove programs option or secondly, device manager.

Note: make sure you backup your original graphics drivers in case you need to reinstall them!
Andy on September 1, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Still no solution to this issue?

I have a nVidia 6800 Ultra and after the last driver update once windows loads the screen goes black. I have read this is a problem with DVI, but I am not seeing solutions anywhere. ANyone got this figured out yet?
don on September 1, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Well, I installed an Asus FX5200 based card on low end Compaq system I just bought for my daughter with no problems at all.

I did have to uninstall the onboard VIA Chrome drivers though. I originally just wanted to disable them but the system wouldn't let me.

Didn't even have to fool with the BIOS. The motherboard has an auto-detect feature that immediately senses the AGP card.

Install the nVidia drivers included on the ASUS CD and that was it. Did not install anything else including the ASUS drivers.
Damian on September 5, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Hi, I have just bought the FX5200 and after booting up my pc I tried to install the drivers from the disc. There are 3 drivers to install on the CD, two of which install fine but the main driver does not. It attempts to install it, a bar comes up which shows progress but it then says error and that it could not install the driver.
Also I am thinking of unistalling the two drivers which have been successful and starting again but I don't know how to uninstall them because there is nothing in 'Add/Remove'?

Can anyone help on these issues please?
don on September 5, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem


Really don't know what 3 drivers you are refering to one the ASUS installation CD. I recall that there were the nVidia AGP drivers, the ASUS AGP drivers, and various ASUS utility drivers on the CD.

As I indicated in my prior post, all I did was install the nVidia drivers after I had uninstalled the onboard video drivers that came with the PC, shut down the PC, installed the ASUS video card, rebooted, and installed the nVidia drivers off of the ASUS installation CD. Note: if you originally had onboard video installed on your PC, some PCs require onboard via to be disabled in the BIOS before loading either the nVidia or the ASUS video drivers.

It sounds to me that you tried to load possibly both the nVidia and ASUS graphics drivers? You must install only one of those. I chose the NVidia driver since I had read web posts about problems with the ASUS graphics drivers and they are also not WDM Microsoft certified.

I would suggest you start all over again. The following applies to WIN XP Home and Pro only.

1. Download DriveClearner Pro and install it. Also read all documentation included with it to understand how to use it. You can get it here:

2. Uninstall all existing graphics drivers while running WIN XP. If no entries exist for them in add/remove programs, then do Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager. Expand the entry for display adapters. You should see an entry for FX5200. Right click on that and left click on "Uninstall" to uninstall the existing FX5200 driver. Also if other display adapters exist, you want to uninstall those.

3. Boot into safe mode and run DriveCleaner Pro and select the option to remove all existing graphics drivers. Be careful here. DriveClearer has the capability to remove all existing chipset, audio, etc. drivers along with graphics drivers. Make sure you only select the graphics drivers option.

4. Reboot into WIN XP. It will either auto install the default VGA driver if your running SP1 or what appears to be a "stub" nVidia driver if your running SP2.

5. Install either the nVidia graphics or the ASUS graphics driver from the ASUS CD. Don't install both! I recommend the nVidia driver since my PC ran fine with it. Install the ASUS utility software at your discretion. I did not install it.

6. Reboot your PC if requested and you should be up and running.
Damian on September 13, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Ok, I have now successfully disabled the on board graphics, installed the new card and installed the drivers BUT the only reason I bought this card was to play CM5 and when I click play game, nothing happens it just stays on the desktop, although it says the game is using 99%CPU, so why can't I see the game?
Someone suggested to me buying this 'Y' wire which goes inside my tower and has 3 ends, 1 connects to my graphics card, the other to another wire thingy inside my tower and i'm not sure about the 3rd end. Anyone help or heard of this?
don on September 13, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I am not a gamer, so I can't help you much on that issue.

Sounds like there are some configuration settings for the game software that are not setup correctly.

If you installed the game software before your latest reinstall of the AGP graphics drivers, it's highly likely that the game software graphics settings aren't correct. If that's the case, I would uninstall the game software and reboot. Then reinstall the game software and see if that does the trick.
Kelly on September 14, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Hi, I had the same problem not too long ago - frustrating, I know. Until I found this website. Go here, download the BART PE --- save it on your disk. Once done, leave the disc inside the pc, then restart your pc. This will help you fix the problem, especially for those who cannot run safe mode! Goodluck. Here's the website.
Anthony Choi on October 1, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem


I would suggest that your reinstall everything (Operating System)
Damian on October 3, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Hi, thanks for all your help guys.
Just to let you know that I have fixed the problem, I bought a new Radeon graphics card instead and everything is fine now! Won't be buying GForce again!
huh on October 22, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Kelly (2 posts up) how is getting PE builder going to help,.. and u could of detailed what ur Problem was,. why ppl leave half help comments is beyond me
Nigel on November 25, 2005
RE: Verto 5500 problem

Yeah, it worked great to load in safe mode and uninstall all video drivers. Then reload and install driver in normal. Thank you.
chris on November 28, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

umm my problem seems similiar but with an added twist. When my screen blanks out and the monitor goes to standby, I have to reboot. Only the computer reboots and still has the standby problem. I found that the only way I could get the monitor to display anything was to reboot and reset it really fast right after pressign the power button. This worked for a while but now my monitor(s) all go to standby when I turn on the computer, no exceptions. Any thoughts?
Al on December 2, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I have an Asus AGP card using the Nvidia fx5200 chipset (128mb) I just bought it online. Put it in an Asus AV133 Main board and experienced strange behavior. I went to change the file view in "My Computer" (My computer > Tool menu > File type tab) when it goes to display whats in the list the screen goes blank but the computer still runs. Restart is the only fix, but I did try the advice about Boot into VGA Mode...., which I thought worked... But I was wrong, I tested the system ("MY computer" Test I mentioned above) immediately after installing the drivers and restarting and it worked fine.
Later I was changing settings and decided to lower the "Color Depth" or "Display colors" in Display Properties down form 32bit to 16bit. After doing this I thought I might try ("MY computer" Test I mentioned above) and BINGO! that's all she wrote. I restarted and reset the color to 32bit and tried ("MY computer" Test I mentioned above) and all was well.
I don't know if this will help anyone else but it may. Good luck
willy on December 3, 2005
disabled vga card

By mistake I disabled the VGA in my comp., no I hear windows starting up, but don't have image, what can I do to get back into the computer and enable the VGA again?
jason on December 12, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

i just got the verto fx5200 from a mate but i got no drivers for it or software can some one help me or not j
Chris on December 16, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

i've been given this graphic card PNY FX 5200
details on the board are:
51492 22765
It has two d-type monitor outputs and one s-video output
I've been able to get the card to output on the secondary monitor, there are no options in the software (Nvidia lastest drivers)
I think i've tracked it down to the fact that card may have the wrong bios, because it when booting it doesn't say it's a PNY, it's running on, can anyone send me the lastest correct bios for my card, or tell me where i can get it, please?
Mr.R on December 23, 2005
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

David on December 24, 2005
graphics card conversion to mac

I'm new to the mac world, and wondering if anyone can tell me
where I can get software to reprogram the EPROM on my FX5200
PCI nVidia video card. If anyone can tell me where I could find
such software of if it is even needed to use the card in my G4
mac. Thanks.

Happy Hollidays,
Ted on December 28, 2005
installion cd for 5200

I just installed a FX 5200 and when I put the cd in. A messesge came up and said " the VGA detected seems not XFXs product. Please go to to get the driver for the other NVIDIA VGA". so I went could not find what I needed. Can anyone help me with this?

Don on January 12, 2006
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

Sounds to me that whomever you bought the graphics card from might not have given you XFX card?

I would first contact the selling merchant and explain the situation and see if they would ship you a replacement. If that doesn't work, then determine that the card is really a FX5200. You can do that a number of ways; the easiest being using WIN XP's (if that is you OS) device manager. If the card is indeed a FX5200, you can find a device driver for it at
Rob on January 19, 2006
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I too accidentally disabled my VGA. Now I can hear Windows loading but where my desktop would normally be there is nothing. Booting by F8 with VGA mode "enabled" doesnt solve it. Please help!
angtagulan on January 21, 2006
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

hey guys i have an NVIDIA palit fx5200 too. my problem is, when i install the driver the movies that i play on my pc looks like an 8bit moving gif image. but when i dont have the driver my movies work fine but i things seem to run slower and jaggy, specially when i scroll down or drag an image. any ideas how i can fix this? thanks! ;)
Jake on January 22, 2006
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I have the weirest problem of all with my PNY GEFORCE FX5200/128MB. When I boot my computer the boot screen and all others after that appear as garbage. I believe this is caused by the language the GEFORCE bios are flashed in. When I put another card in the problem disappears. question: how do I flash the bios on thje card so it is in English and not some other language? if someone out there has a link I would appreciate your help to direct me to how to fix this problem.
xxgiddyxx02 on February 10, 2006
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

i have windows xp somehow graphic was deleted in programs thought my moniter was acting up clors are messed up cam is gray with orange trim how to reinstall that program
Maverick on May 11, 2006
RE: Verto fx5200 problem

I read all of the post and see ever one having porble out of the FX5200 I have had my fx5200
for 2 years and have not had a proble out of it
I play doom 3 haflife 2 and halo and UT2004 on high definison with no probleam I never had a proble like I sad as for removing all the driver and so on I would sugest Try to instal with out doing all the scrouing around in the bios and dirver and gust install the car and hook up to it and gust see what happen. That all i had to do was install the driver win windows load and my work gust fine for the last two years and is still going.

I Would also like to now is all the one people post about 128mb were my is a 256mb

My computer
Win xp sp2
P4 2.8Gh
1G rams
256mb Gforcfx5200

Also as for needing driver Go to type in the name of the card and the word driver in the search and clich search. I would also advice git the driver for fx6800 thay work with the 5200 and are the most up to date.
Kim Bernard on May 30, 2006
Galaxy GeForce 6600

My husband bought a new Geforce 6600 a while back. We had no problems installing it because, well, we basically rebuilt his computer at the same time (the motherboard had just given out -- he has the worst luck...)

Well, it's only a few months old and it started doing something WEIRD. Every so often, on boot-up, the screen looks like a scrambled mess and continues to be so straight through loading and running Windows. You can tell what it's doing, but it's like everything is visually scrambled up -- I mean everything. Nothing else seems the matter, and since it's that way from the moment of start-up, it must be a hardware problem. Should we check the wiring? Is it possible that he's had bad luck again and this card's (or the motherboard's) a lemon?

Any help is appreciated.
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