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IDE2 and CD RW
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IDE2 and CD RW

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Carl on February 18, 2004
IDE2 and CD RW

I used one HD and CD RW on IDE1 with no problems. After adding a second HDD to IDE1 and moving the CD RW to IDE2 as master, the CD RW is not seen in the BIOS (CMOS?) Tried swapping cables. BIOS indicates that Secondary IDE is enabled and on auto. Tried adding the second HD to IDE2 and putting the CD RW back on IDE1. IDE1 works, IDE2 doesn't. Is there something else amiss? Jeeeeeze, I'm getting tired of swapping these things around! Any input would be appreciated. Sys: P4 Gigabyte MOBO 2.8 Gig, 1 Gig RAM, Win XP Pro, WD 80 and 180 Gig HDD's, Liteon 52x24x52 CD RW
Padrè on November 7, 2004
RE: IDE2 and CD RW

Yeah, i build a computer a few days a go, and I have the same problem as you do. IDE1 works, but IDE2 and IDE3 don't.
My setting is:

HDD (master) ---> connected to IDE1

DVD-rom (master) DVD-rw (slave) ---> connected to IDE2

My bios just does not won't to recognise my DVD-rom and -rw.
Also, I have a weard 'notice' when I press tab as I start up the pc ----> the number of disks in not adequate to create a raid.
can someone help me with this?

Sys: P4 2.8 ghz, msi 915p combo, 512 ram, maxtor 200gb 8mb buffer
Tyler on December 3, 2004
RE: IDE2 and CD RW

You need to enable your onboard IDE RAID Controller in the bios (pag e3-11 from the 915P manual) and that should open up access to IDE2 and IDE3.
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