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cd writer problems
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cd writer problems

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David Saunders on July 3, 2001
cd writer problems

i have installed a cd writer on my pc and allthough it copies music cds ok when i try to do a data disc i am getting buffer error problems can any body help
Doug on September 2, 2001
RE: cd writer problems

I am also having a problem with a burner. When I try to drag a file onto a disk my whole machine locks up - does anyone know what is going on?

Jasper on October 9, 2001
RE: cd writer problems

If you get a buffer problem, one of these could be the solution.
1) Defragment your harddriver, a fragmented hardrive can result in a buffer underrun.
2) Burn at a (lot) lower speed, maybe your system can't match up with your burner speed which will also result in a buffer underrun.

Greetings Jasper
Sandy on November 28, 2004
RE: cd writer problems

Greetings to ALL from an old lady in Australia.
Can anyone offer me some assistance please.
My Sony CD Burner burns properly, but when I want to play an audio CD, it keeps sticking, then continues playing from exactly where it stopped.
I tried to find some help at the Sony site, but no luck. As this is the only CD player I have, I would like to fix the problem as soon as I can so I can get back to playing music. Thank you VERRRY much to anyone who can solve this problem for me.
Zax on January 14, 2005
RE: cd writer problems

Hey for some reason when I go to burn a data disk or a music cd I click on everything I'm supposed to but it doesn't do anything. HELP!
David on February 10, 2005
RE: cd writer problems

Hello Well This happens to me only when i make audio cds

I dosent create the properly will only make 25% of a music cd then stops
Guy Ricard on February 18, 2005
RE: cd writer problems

I have record now.When I try to burn a cd,I get the message unable to find rewritable device.What should I do.Please help Me
vasant on November 8, 2005
RE: cd writer problems

i have problem in lg writer 8525b that it cannot or problem arrires at 48/52x speed
so i do now?
JAn on December 7, 2005
RE: cd writer problems

Greetings folks!

I got this two dvd writers and both of them can't detect blank disc... But when I remove it's IDE and plug again, it works back. I really don't know if what's wrong in it. I've even tried reinstalling it's driver but still can't resolve it.... Can someone help me pls...
Rich on December 12, 2005
RE: cd writer problems

Hi i have ahead nero and i am trying to copy a game so that me and my brother can play it in multilayer. I know it is legal if you own the disc. The prolem is I've got the data onto the disc but it wont play the game it says insert cd-rom. Does anyone know what to do?
Aje on June 26, 2006
RE: cd writer problems

THE damn cd wirter wont get recognised by the windows xp. I remember a regedit solution i read in one of these help sites that helped fix the cd-rom drive. but now the cd burner will not take effect.

its there a regedit way of fixing the CDrecorder. I tried the device manager i tried everything. its all hooked up well. I may have to just buy a new computer someday, but meanwhile i gotta find a solution to this thing.

Hrushikesh on September 16, 2006
RE: cd writer problems

I have a strange problem!!
I can't run or writeRW cds!!
rajesh on November 13, 2006
RE: cd writer problems

whenever i starts burning a message appears:
burning process failed at 16x. help.........
Aamir on June 15, 2007
RE: cd writer problems

my lg cd writer read the cd but it cant display the content of cd
venkat on December 9, 2007
RE: cd writer problems

cd writer won't read & write, but it open & close properly.
samsung cd-r/rw sw-248f
mugeshan on July 19, 2008
RE: cd writer problems

Cdwriter not reading Or not writting .
Anonymous on January 5, 2009
RE: cd writer problems

my cd writer says that'the files cannot be copied to the recordable disk' even though the cd's are brand new
mafemani on October 7, 2010
RE: cd writer problems

when i try to copy cds into my pc music library it keep on saying windows media player can not read the cd,what can i do help?(i am using windows xp)
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