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pc shuts down-no virus
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pc shuts down-no virus

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koen on May 21, 2004
pc shuts down-no virus

anytime i try to log in, the pc boots automatically. It's not the Blaster or any other worm i think because it gives me no time before booting up again. So for myself i see 2 possibilities,one it has something to do with the activation of XP, or it has something to do with the temperature. Any one got the same problem, or any solutions. Ps its my brothers pc so i cant tell you right now the configuration
Justin on June 23, 2004
RE: pc shuts down-no virus

I have the same problem, please e-mail me if you find a cure
DB on June 29, 2004
RE: pc shuts down-no virus

That is what happened with my grandma's computer it got to the loading of the Windows XP Pro logo and it reboots. Basically your hard drive has either crashed or got an error on it! You can try to fdisk it and reinstall xp or just get a new hard drive!
Justa Trustme on July 31, 2004
RE: pc shuts down-no virus

Pure BS. You hard drive has not crashed. This guy is just trying to cause you hours of grief and laugh at you for believing him. Sure wipe out your hard drive and buy another one, because some guy on the net says so. You bet. Next he will tell you that you have this mystery worm or virus.
yong on October 5, 2004
RE: pc shuts down-no virus

I have a similar problem with my laptop, and because of the circumstances described below, I suspect a variant of the blaster worm. My laptop is a Sony Vaio connected to the net wirelessly with a slightly out of date NIS definition.

Symptoms: Laptop shut down by itself at shorter and shorter intervals, then I noticed 3 extra tasks running in the background, one of which was wk32rem.exe. I typed in the file name in google and my laptop went berserk for a bit - accessing all the drives connected to it, then shutdown. Rebooting unsuccessful, win2k recovery unsuccessful, dos boot unsuccessful. It just hangs to a blank screen after the win2k logo. I couldn't boot the laptop, so I took out the hard drive and using a specialist ide cable (£4.99 at maplins), connected it to another pc with win98 o/s as drives e: & f:. All my working files are intact, but no sight of the offending executable files!

I will be doing a scan on the laptop drive tonight and will post the results at

Good luck,
Solemage on January 24, 2007
RE: pc shuts down-no virus

Lol my pc in my room has the same problem but a little diffrent. Im running windows xp home edition. When ever I connect to the internet on it it shuts down after a few seconds. Its not a worm. and theres nothign wrong with your harddrive. There are simply a few errors on your registry. get a registry scanner"better if its free" from and normaly a few fix 50 errors for you or so. But scan and see all in the registry. Nothing more :)


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