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CD-Rom Drives disapeared..
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CD-Rom Drives disapeared..

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89 on June 5, 2004
CD-Rom Drives disapeared..

I recently installed another hard drive on my computer and added a CD Burner (So, two hard drives and two CD-Rom drives). It reads the two hard drives just fine, but the CD-Rom drives just aren't...there. I changed the 2nd HD's letter to E instead of D and nothing happened. I'm quite sure that I have everything hooked up correctly as the wires are labeled at each end on where stuff goes (FD Disk - CPU Board, etc). They open and close and what not, the lights blink...but they just do not show up. I'm thinking that if I download drivers for them, it will work...problem is is that I don't really know the exact names of them..
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