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CD-RW & DVD Problems
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CD-RW & DVD Problems

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Patsy on June 15, 2004
CD-RW & DVD Problems

Computer does not detect the CD-RW nor the DVD. This was working fine, I have a HP Pavilion XT993. I have changed the ribbon and it still does detect the devices. When I connected one of the devices to the primary ide it works, but when the devices are connected to the seconary ide it does not work. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Tom Hammond on September 6, 2004
RE: CD-RW & DVD Problems

I have a Standard R/WR DVD HL-dt-stdvdram gsa-40818, running on XP PRO. Device manager tells me the device is working properly. The unit reads Ok. however, when I try to burn with it I get a promp E:/is not accessable incorrect function. I have run out of ideas, Can you help.
Thank you in advance
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