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Installation of CD- Writer
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Installation of CD- Writer

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Bruce Lindsay on May 11, 2001
Installation of CD- Writer

Your write up on the above is very useful and complimentary to a recent article in a PC magazine with photographic support re the fitting of an additional Cd-Drive.
In the magazine article they did mention the need of the wearing of an antistatic wrist strap when undertaking the work and I would query - is this a necessity or simply a good precautionary measure whenever working with hardware inside your machine.?
Many thanks
Eric Georgieff on May 11, 2001
RE: Installation of CD- Writer

Bruce Lindsay,

That is a good question. Many people have a fear of working inside their computer because they have heard that it is possible to damage a computer simply by touching an internal component, should a static discharge occur.

It is true that you can damage your computer if you transfer static electricity to a part. To avoid this, simply touch a metal object, such as the internal power source in your computer, to discharge any static electricity that may have built up on you (especially if your computer is near a carpet, or if the air is dry). Once you have done this, there is no chance that any static electricity is left on your body, and you can proceed without worry.

If you do this, there is absolutely no need for an antistatic wristband. I have been upgrading computers for years, and have never used such a band, without any problem.

So it is a precaution, but an unecessary one (perhaps the writers are afraid of being sued, should something happen to your computer).

In other words, don't waste your money (save it to buy blank CDR's instead!!).

I hope this answers your question,

Eric Georgieff
sam on February 3, 2002
RE: Installation of CD- Writer

i am buying a cd rewriter and would like to no if it is hard to fit is there anywhere that explains step by step how to fit one if so can you let me no thanks
sabya on February 5, 2002
RE: Installation of CD- Writer

Pls. provide step-by-step installation procedure and writing tips/process.
Margarette Chua on February 8, 2002
RE: Installation of CD- Writer

Pls. provide step-by-step installation procedure and writing tips/process.

freeman on August 14, 2004
RE: Installation of CD- Writer

Can I get step by step procedure of installation of CDwriter.
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