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How to reuse CDR disc?
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How to reuse CDR disc?

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todor on June 29, 2004
How to reuse CDR disc?

I have saw reused CDR disc. My friend has do that but he don`t now how. He used Nero Express 6 and LG writter. CDR was not rewritable. He said that he was changed some Nero settigs but he can`t remember what. Now he can writte at CDR about 4 times. After that CDR disc is unusable. Can you explain me how he do that?!
Abdul on July 12, 2004
RE: How to reuse CDR disc?


I'm trying to find out the exact same thing. I know "Adaptec CD Creator" can do it (I'm not sure which version) and all you do is right-click the tray icon, and select the option to re-use it. I have Nero 7 (i think) but i havent seen the option before. Could you please let me know if you get the answer on how to do this?
rajesh hadia on August 8, 2004
RE: How to reuse CDR disc?

you can use cd-r many times using nero by checking "allow files to be added later-(MULTISESSION)"
Waqas on August 27, 2008
RE: How to reuse CDR disc?

I have heard that "Adaptec CD Creator 4" can do this, i have not found this version till yet
Blake on October 2, 2008
RE: How to reuse CDR disc?

Yep i remember doing it to a dvd it only alowd 1gb of space but still it was enough to be reused it was with Nero 6 also
Prashant on October 14, 2011
RE: How to reuse CDR disc?

I m also searching the same, I u got tell me.
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