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Juan on July 14, 2004

As soon as my Microsoft boots in
XP, It does not show the GUI it automatically pops up an error window with the file lsass.exe and when I press to ok button (the only thing to do) it restarts my computer and will do the same thing. Help!
kashinath kapase on July 20, 2004
RE: sasser.exe

plz. send me this file
vishwanath kapase on July 20, 2004
RE: sasser.exe

plz help me i am trusted for this shutdown error.
kashinath on July 22, 2004
RE: sasser.exe

plz send this file
Rishi on August 12, 2004
RE: sasser.exe

reatack the sasser.e after windows update
mahenmay on September 26, 2004
RE: sasser.exe

pls send this tool
pinkal on November 23, 2004
RE: sasser.exe

pls send this tool
greg on May 28, 2006
RE: sasser.exe

put you windows xp install disk into the dvd drive then reboot from that and allow the program to format your drive to a ntfs format drive then with any luck just follow the prompts and and answer any questions the install wizard asks and you will be back up and running again abait with the need to install office if previously installed and all the drivers and software to make the installed hard ware function and then finelly reactivate windows xp and office xp and thats it.
ajay on July 6, 2006

My system is restarted.
ican installed saseer patch
shankar on July 6, 2006
RE: sasser.exe

pls send me the link for sasser.exe
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