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cd/dvdrom drive disappears
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cd/dvdrom drive disappears

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wankalot on July 21, 2004
cd/dvdrom drive disappears

I have an hp pavilion notebook on xp. Sometimes the cd/dvd drive will disappear from windows explorer, as well as the device manager. Sometimes I can reboot and it will reappear, when it does it works fine, but it will usually only stay around for less than an hour. Most of the time it is just gone. I first noticed it after waking the computer up from hibernation, but it seems to happen more often than not these days. I have read some peoples entries about editing the registry, but I am a novice and I don't want to screw things up worse. I would appreciate any advice.
allan on November 8, 2004
RE: cd/dvdrom drive disappears

hi i also have an hp notebook running xp and i have the same problem i spoke to them on the phone for 2 hours all the solutions did not help at all. they said i should us the recovery cd's which i would but then all my info will be deleted no?

anyways any1 with any help please let me know

thanx alot
Cleusa on February 24, 2012

The sstyem is working great! I was able to download and install a couple of free games that took up almost 10 gigs of space. As I only had a few gigs of free space before, without the upgrade I was lost. Another reason to upgrade is that many games install content on your HD and if you don't have enough space, they can't and if they can't they won't run. I ran into the problem twice already. Very frustrating trying to decide what data you are going to delete, especially when you think you might need its again. I've solved that problem for some time to come.
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