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RAM Upgrade.
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RAM Upgrade.

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Jeremy Nesbitt on July 17, 2001
RAM Upgrade.

I have a Compaq Presario 4810 and want to add more RAM (I was thinking another 128Mb). The manual refers to '60ns' memory (up to a max of 256Mb), the front cover of the tower states 'SyncronousDRAM' memory, but the DIMM's I've been looking at on mail order web-sites that look even remotely suitable are refered to as 'PC100' or 'PC133' types. Which do I need?
Jeremy Nesbitt on August 6, 2001
RE: RAM Upgrade.

Any idea's - ANYBODY???
Eric Georgieff on August 6, 2001
RE: RAM Upgrade.

Jeremy Nesbitt,

According to Compaq's support information documentation, which you can view using Adobe's Acrobat Reader at, it would appear that your particular model (Presario 4810) can indeed support up to 256 Mb of RAM by filling the free memory banks (slots) with 60ns SDRAM DIMMS. To figure out where the memory banks are located, simply refer to the diagrams located in that document.

"60ns" simply refers to the speed of the RAM (I think ns = nanoseconds). At the current time, this type of RAM is obsolete, but you can use just about any 128pin DIMM module you can get your hands on, so long as it is faster or equal to 66 mhz. Hence, the PC100 and PC133 ram you are referring to, running at 100 mhz and 133 mhz respectively, would certainly work in your PC since they are each faster than 66 mhz. I would however encourage you to look for the slowest RAM possible (PC 66 in this case) since it is cheaper than the faster RAM and your PC will not take advantage of the extra speed anyways.

One last important thing. According to Compaq, in order for the Presario 4810 to operate properly above 128MB of memory the L2 cache must be upgraded to 512K by using the Compaq upgrade part: 243117-002. Upgrading the L2 Processor Cache is a daunting task that I would recommend avoiding. So for the time being it would be best to stop adding Ram once you get to 128 Mb. Hopefully in the future, Compaq will spend more time and resources designing their computers so as to avoid such problems.

Crucial's site is a good place to start looking for Ram since they sell just about every type of Ram imaginable (including the 66 mhz type that your require).

I hope this helps,

Eric Georgieff
JN on August 9, 2001
RE: RAM Upgrade.

Excellent - thankyou Eric!
Nick on November 26, 2001
RE: RAM Upgrade.

How big of a deal is it to upgrade the L2 cache if you have the 243117-002 part? What exactly is this part and what is involved for installation and configuration?
Mike van Dulken on December 8, 2001
RE: RAM Upgrade.

I am a Compaq Armada 1575D owner and I am trying to find out how much RAM and what type I can add to my system in order to speed it up a bit? I think I can add another 64MB bit not sure what type? Can you help,

f darriet on January 3, 2005
RE: RAM Upgrade.

on a gateway pc with amd athlon i want to get a 256 ram. which one do i buy?
Boewulf on December 29, 2005
AV Port on 4810

please i have a compaq presario 4810. i would like to make use of the av ports located at the front but i don't know how to go about it, can anybody help me out and can i transfer the port to another pc? thank you.
George on March 2, 2006
RE: RAM Upgrade.

I have PC 100 with 128 PIN with 256 RAM. Would like to upgrade to 512 MB. Is this doable ?
TGG on April 4, 2007
RE: RAM Upgrade.

Adriaan on May 28, 2007
RE: RAM Upgrade.

*lol* !
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