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start bar
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start bar

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brooke on August 23, 2004
start bar

nothing on my start bar works. my screen just goes black for a second then returns to my windos desktop screen without doing anything. I can't get to my control panel or my computer or anything on it. what do i do?
SHEMPEMBA on November 11, 2004
RE: start bar

I want to restore start bar in my computer
Kelley Saucier on November 12, 2004
RE: start bar

After using my computer for a little while, my start bar always becomes hidden, but that option is not checked on the program....Can't pull up the start file without the start button, and cntrl/esc does not work either...what can I do to remedy this??
Becky McMullen on November 13, 2004
RE: start bar

I was having problems with my computer but I kind of got it working but my start bar is nowhere to be found. Where do I look and how do I get it back? Thanks!
bernetta bailey on June 8, 2007
RE: start bar

I accidently deleted my start bar please help?
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