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modem problem code 39
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modem problem code 39

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Mark on August 30, 2004
modem problem code 39

Hi, I get error code 39 when trying to
access my modem. "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)" I have used different modems,uninstalled and reinstalled but this problem still occurs.

My system:
Agere Systems Modem
Ericsson T68 Cable Modem
Ericsson T68 IR MOdem
Siemens ME45 IR Modem

Everything works fine on IBM TP T20, Win XP Pro

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mark on September 2, 2004
RE: modem problem code 39


I already solve the problem :)
The reason was lack of file "modem.sys" in system drivers folder.

Thanks anyway

Pavel on June 2, 2007
RE: modem problem code 39

guy you are great!

me missed this file too...
osman on October 13, 2009
RE: modem problem code 39

hey mark how did you solved ? from where you got that modem.sys file ? pls. help
garfield on November 1, 2009
RE: modem problem code 39

mark, i met the same problem, can you tell me where can i get modem.sys file, thx!
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