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CD Burner will not read cds
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CD Burner will not read cds

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JoelTD on August 30, 2004
CD Burner will not read cds

Yesterday I was burning a CD, when it got to 67% it started making a static noise I could also ear it in my speakers when they were on. And I noticed the percentage was not going up and I could hear if the buner was working.

So I rebouted my competer and now my burner will not read any of my cds. when I put in a music cd, I see the light go on for a bit then turn off, so I try and play some songs but I cant see the songs,after that the light on the burner keeps flashing.

I bought my computer in Dec of 2003 and never had a problem till now and I dont burn alot of cds, the burner is a 52x24x52 and my computer is a Pentium 4 Celeron 2.4 Ghz with an 80 GB HDD.

Any suggestions?
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