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HDD Freeze.
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HDD Freeze.

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Jeremy Nesbitt on July 17, 2001
HDD Freeze.

I have a Compaq Presario 4810 with (I think) a Quantum Bigfoot 4Gb HDD. For a while now I've been suffering from what appear to be HDD freezes, which leaves the PC doing nothing (apart from the mouse still moves), and the HDD light stuck on for anything up to 30 seconds at a time. I've not got any system conflicts that I can see, the drive is fully defragmented and running with about 1.5Gb free. Anyone got any idea's as it's getting annoying? Thanks.
Jeremy Nesbitt on August 6, 2001
RE: HDD Freeze.

Any idea's - ANYBODY?
wolf on May 2, 2002
RE: HDD Freeze.

have you done a virus scan??
Jeremy Nesbitt on May 3, 2002
RE: HDD Freeze.

Yes - I've got Norton Anti-Virus installed and it's updated every month.
Nitro on December 6, 2005
HDD Freeze.

Your problem probably is due to an overheating of your processor, since according to what you say to me, the fact that your HDD should freeze it is one of the symptoms, other one is that your computer goes out without apparent reason, if this one is the case I recommend you check the ventilator of the processor, since in some cases it stops working after a time.
Jeremy Nesbitt on December 10, 2006
RE: HDD Freeze.

No i am the real jeremy nesbitt

(ps i also suffer from HDD freezes)
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