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CD-Writer Plus (won't read or write)
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CD-Writer Plus (won't read or write)

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mike clark on September 19, 2004
CD-Writer Plus (won't read or write)

I Have a HP XT926 with a Mitsumi CD-R/CD-RW. Ive Upgraded From ME To XP Home Edition About 6 months ago. At the begining of september I lost my CD-Writer. When A CD is installed, it goes from a green blinking light to a yellow blinker. when you try to open it it shows nothing is on the drive and and then its say's to insert cd. the last cd that was opend was a computer gaming world cd from october 2004 #243 magazine. when installed it had problems opening up itself. but that was all she wrote from that point on
Scott Morse on September 26, 2004
RE: CD-Writer Plus (won't read or write)

I've got an HP Pavilion xt963 running XP and I experienced the very same issue you described just yesterday. I was getting set to write some files to a CD and I inserted a blank CD-RW and then, for no apparent reason, the the CD activity light went from blinking green to blinking yellow. Just as you described. I'd copied multiple files to multiple CDs earlier in the day without issue. Having tried various "factory" produced CD's, both data and audio, I decided the CD Writer had given up the ghost. I happened to have a spare CD Writer Plus 7200 Series. I pulled the Mitsumi CD-R/CD-RW model CR-4845TE out of my xt963 and installed the 7200 Series. Presto all is happiness. This won't help you fix the problem source but it does give you an option. I'm stilling trying to figure out what actually happened and what it was that may have triggered it. At this point I'm calling it a failure without any amplifing data.
earl on July 3, 2008
RE: CD-Writer Plus (won't read or write)

well what happened was u lost ur driver some how so it dicontinuded the operations of the writer
vinayak on July 10, 2008
RE: CD-Writer Plus (won't read or write)

cd write time show message recoverable error
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