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Video Card Installation
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Video Card Installation

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vernon on September 26, 2004
Video Card Installation

I recently tried to install an ATI 9700 Pro video on my computer (Vaio PCV-RX830). When I went to boot up the computer, I heard a short surge and then the computer wouldn't boot up. I disconnected the video card went to boot up the computer and was prompted to insert the boot diskette. I placed the system recovery cd in and after a few moments came to a screen which notified me that the computer could not connect or recognize the hard drive.

I uninstalled the hard drive and connected it to another computer to see if the hard drive would be recognized... but unfortunately it was not.

I take it the hard drive is pretty much "dead"?

However, what I want to know is what could have caused this. Was the possible power surge that fried out the hard drive due to the fact that the video card was not compatible with the motherboard? If so, how do you find out if a certain video card is compatible with a certain motherboard? How do you find out what type of motherboard your computer has? I looked inside the computer but don't know where on the motherboard it states the motherboard name and type. Or is there a utility which one can download which will tell you all the specs of your motherboard?
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