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HP Scanner 1350
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HP Scanner 1350

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Karlynn on November 1, 2004
HP Scanner 1350

I received a HP Scanner 1350 from a company and I want to install it. I was given no instructions on its use as well as instructions on installation. Please provide the necessary information so that I can use it at the elementary school I as currently employed with. Thank You..Karlynn
Sandra Cole on November 21, 2004
RE: HP Scanner 1350

see if you can get into this website, it should have what you need. Let me know if it doesn't work
sandy cole on November 21, 2004
RE: HP Scanner 1350

actually, I was searching around hp and found the exact page to download the instruction poster and the manual (you need the poster to show you the procedure)

let me know if it doesn't work
Sidney Levine on September 3, 2007
RE: HP Scanner 1350 ALL IN ONE

Sept 1st, I can not find my scans. "My Scans" in open page has disappeared? Anyone Know what happened, and Where I should Look.
Thank you. Been working very well till now !
John Bowne on January 10, 2009
RE: HP Scanner 1350

My brother-in-law just got an hp 1350 all-in-one printer and cannot find out how to use the SD card reader to copy and delete pictures stored on the SC memory chip. Is there a way to access the SD card from the PC?
heng thorn on October 29, 2009
RE: HP Scanner 1350

i wanna this driver cos i lost it
Blessing on August 18, 2011

Good to see a telant at work. I can't match that.
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