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cd rom icon missing
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cd rom icon missing

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ram on December 4, 2004
cd rom icon missing

i cannot view the cd rom icon in windows xp.after fresh installtion of xp i can see the icon but after i instal the video drivers the icon disappear.i have a dual boot of 98 too and i can view teh cd rom icon in 98 but not in xp.any suggessions?pleas help.
Jayapal Reddy on December 5, 2006
RE: cd rom icon missing

I understand that you are not able to view CD-ROM icon in windows xp. However, you are able to view icon in 98.

The issue could be due to drivers conflict. To resolve this, reinstall the CD/DVD drivers in safe mode.

In order to reinstall the CD-RW/DVD-ROM drivers, Please perform the steps below:

Reinstalling the CD-RW drivers:

1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Double-click the system icon. If the System icon is not found
directly under Control Panel, click the Performance and Maintenance
icon and then click the System icon.
3. The System properties Window opens. You can open the System
Properties window directly by pressing the Windows key and
Pause/Break key simultaneously.
4. Click the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager button.
5. Click the plus (+) sign next to DVD/CD-ROM drives or Double-click DVD/CD-ROM drives.
6. Right-click the driver listed under this Category and select
Uninstall. In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK.
7. Repeat step 6 until all entries under the device category are
8. Restart the computer.

Windows will automatically detect and install the drivers for the device on restart.
You can also visit the below website for further information.

jay :)
GG on January 14, 2008
RE: cd rom icon missing

Thanks for the information on the missing CD-Rom solution.
mer on March 25, 2008
RE: cd rom icon missing

cd rom icon missing
Jyue on June 2, 2008
RE: cd rom icon missing

but, what if the DVD/CD-ROM drives under the device manager is also missing?
soje on April 24, 2009
RE: cd rom icon missing

couple with the fact that my cd-rom icon is missing it usually come on (i.e. it shows on my computer)intermitently. please i need assistance
robyn van dam on April 12, 2010
RE: cd rom icon missing

my dvd player is not working i am new on the computer just learning what do i do
jono on April 14, 2010
RE: cd rom icon missing

Can i download driver for cd/dvd rom from any site? please help.
jono on April 14, 2010
RE: cd rom icon missing

No cd/dvdrom. can i download any? please help.
amine on September 12, 2011
RE: cd rom icon missing

i did it and the cd icon appear then shortly it disapear
amine on September 12, 2011
RE: cd rom icon missing

please help me
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