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can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?
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can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

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Jim Carney on December 9, 2004
can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

I am trying to find out if I can get rid of my 600MHz Compaq Presario's mother board and put another faster mother board in it.
I have 600MHZ with 512MB SDRam and a fast good video card but the stupid thing is oo slow.

SiSoftware Sandra

Model : Intel(R) Celeron(tm)
Speed : 598MHz
Performance Rating : PR718 (estimated)
Type : Standard
Package : FC-PPGA Socket370
Rated Speed/FSB : 603MHz / 1x 67MHz
Multiplier : 9/1x
Generation : G6
Name : P6C (Coppermine128) Celeron 180nm 533MHz-1.1GHz 1.3-1.75V
Revision/Stepping : 8 / 3 (1)
Stepping Mask : cB0
Microcode : MU068314
Core Voltage Rating : 1.650V
Maximum Physical / Virtual Addressing : 36-bit / 32-bit
Native Page Size : 4kB

Co-Processor (FPU)
Type : Built-in
Revision/Stepping : 8 / 3 (1)

Processor Cache(s)
Internal Data Cache : 16kB Synchronous Write-Thru (4-way, 32 byte line size)
Internal Instruction Cache : 16kB Synchronous Write-Back (4-way, 32 byte line size)
L2 On-board Cache : 128kB ECC Synchronous Write-Back (4-way, 32 byte line size)
L2 Cache Multiplier : 1/1x (598MHz)

Socket/Slot : J1
Upgrade Interface : Socket 370
Supported Speed(s) : 600MHz+

Computer System
Model: Compaq PC (Mini Tower)
Manufacturer: Compaq
Version: N/A
Serial Number: 1X07DTYCL3TR
Universal Unique ID: 31323034303431383032303841394639
User Name: Jim

Advanced power Management
AC Power Status: Online
Battery Charge Status: No Battery

Model: 1x  A  A  A
Socket/Slot: J1 (370-pin Socket)
Frequency: 600 MHz
FSB Speed: 66 MHz
Vendor: Intel Corporation
L1 Cache: 32 KB
L2 Cache: 128 KB

Model: 06C0h
4 x PCI: 32 bit

System BIOS
Vendor: Compaq
Version: 686C3
Date: 04/18/2001
Size: 256 KB

Video System
Monitor: Default Monitor
Monitor: COMPAQ MV540 Color Monitor
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440
Screen Resolution: 800x600 32 bit

Physical Storage Device
Floppy Disk: Floppy disk drive
Hard Disk: WDC WD800JB-00CRA1

Logical Storage Device
Main Drive (C:): 30173 MB (25177 MB Free) NTFS
BACKUP (E:): 26149 MB (26085 MB Free) NTFS
GAMES (F:): 19982 MB (16449 MB Free) FAT32

Mouse: HID-compliant mouse
Mouse: PS/2 Compatible Mouse
Keyboard: HID Keyboard Device
Keyboard: Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard

Communication Device(s)
Modem: U.S. Robotics V.92 Fax Win Int
Network Card: SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI (SMC1211TX)

Operating System(s)
Windows Family: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack: Service Pack 1
Version Number: 5.1 (Build 2600)
Product ID: 55274-642-0215677-23705
xSwoRDx on February 2, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

hey how did you manage to install a video card on that motherboard, im tyring to but i cant diable the built in graphics, any help?
kenny on March 26, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

its a mini case, there is one I have seen it only has 4 pci slots and one agp slot it was selling from where I'm from for about 95.00$ it will hold up to a 2400mhz amd, is the same dimensions as what your motherboard is I have the same motherboard. Mine has 800mhz celeron 128cache, with 100mhz front side bus, I am trying to find out if I can go up to a 1100mhz processor, or at least 800mhz p3 which at least has 256cache
kenny on March 26, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

to SwoRDx if you have not installed your graphics card yet. Install graphics card, load driver leave monitor hooked up to integrated till driver is installed, right click on my computer, properties, hardware, device manager, click the plus sign next to display adapters. Right click on the integrated graphics, it should show two different graphics tabs, anyway right click the one you want to disable, it will prompt you if you really want to do this. Click yes the system will restart simply remove monitor cable from integrated hookup, and install on video card as long as the driver you have is the right one every thing should work fine
kenny on March 26, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

another issue is to wanting to exchange motherboards on your compaq case is will the power supply accomodate a new motherboard do you have a 150w power supply 200w, 300w, etc if you do not have a big enough power supply, you also might want to investigate finding bigger power supply, used or new, in doing so also find out how much you can pick up the hole case for, because when you by a case new you get a new power supply which depending can be equal to the price of the power supply itself, in your local stores its not such a great deal. Online I seen them to be pretty reasonable, I just thought I would note this in your research before delving too much into buying just a motherboard, also when you ever buy a processor always make sure that you get one with biggest amount of cache onboard the processor this will help you out tremendously down the road and always take everything with a grain of salt even with what I am saying I don't know what you are exactly planning to do on the computer wheather its gaming or spreadsheets etc. just simply do research all aspects of upgrades before purchasing anything
kenny on March 26, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

If you do happen upon any imformation about upgrading your current motherboard, as far as exchanging out cpu to tech sheets for that motherboard, mine is the same # as the one you have listed with 100mhz frontside bus, with 800mhz cpu. please notify me, greatly appreciated
Jim on March 26, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

xSwoRDx and Kenny

First I plugged the video card into one of my three available PCI slots and ran the Drivers disk on it and did exactly what kenny said about going and disabling the original card.

I have checked everywhere I could find and have yet to get a straight answer to my question. The closest I have gotten was a tech at a computer shop said that the highest it could be raised is 1Ghz and that the Money spent to do it was not worth the hasles. Compaq made sure that you would have to replace all perirherals installed on it along with the main board. So I am going to give in and spend alot of money and get an AlienWare 4Ghz overclocked to 5.6Ghz with double video cards and all the bells and whistles. I am recieving $30,000+ from SSI soon and will spend about $6300.00 for it. but I use my computer for many things and all the time so it will be worth the money spent.
kenny on March 27, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

so did the graphics card work
kenny on March 27, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

so in that being said about what you found out I probably will end up doing the same. I already have a full atx tower with 300w power supply, just buy new motherboard and processor and ram. Just out of curiosity, xSwoRDx are you running XP on your computer you put the graphics card in?
Jim on March 27, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

Yes the Nvidia card works fine and I run XP Pro. The same card worked fine with the original Win98x I had when I bought the computer.
Dee on April 24, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

It might be easier to upgrade the chip to a PIII
thats what I did and it is running better I replace the 600 celeron with a 1g TAU 256 cache
xSwoRDx on April 29, 2005
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

all i have is a Cd that has drivers but do i need a diskette with the drivers for the video card?
i tried to install it the way you said but the monitor just lights the orange light, as if the computer was asleep or had no connection
im trying to install a radeon 9250
spacejuicer on February 13, 2006
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

Jim, xSwoRDx and Kenny,
I've got the same problem as xSwoRDx. Trying to install Radeon 9250 in my presario. The bios has no setting to change from the integrated graphics card to the PCI slot. I tried kenny's method but the screen stayed black. I removed the radeon 9250 and the integrated graphics worked fine again. HELP!!!
Josh on February 24, 2006
RE: can a CMPQ Presario exchange motherboards?

I great inexpensive upgrade for 06C0H mother board is a GU 370 adapter. This will allow you to install a Tualatin Celeron processor up to 1.4 mhz. This is not overclocking.
Roger on June 17, 2012

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