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CD writer not working
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CD writer not working

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jim pope on December 12, 2004
CD writer not working

can anyone help? After trying out various burning software I've now got a code 10 problem with my CD writer; it seems to have started after downloading Acoustica. I've uninstalled it (mass storage device) and rebooted several times but to no avail. I just keep getting the "device cannot start code 10" message in device manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


steve on December 28, 2004
RE: CD writer not working

got same probs m8 keeps rebooting my comp now and then took the writer out problem solved well with the rebooting installed it came up with same error u have must be a fault in cd writer i sent mine back to ebuyer sent me new one got no probs now so must be a fault with writer m8
swarup on August 4, 2005
RE: CD writer not working

my writer is burning the cd but is dosn't open that cd after buring. plz can any one tell me how to check the written data on cd
ajesh on December 20, 2005
RE: CD writer not working

Hi, I have SONY CRX220E Cd Writer, it does not burn, it shows upto 5 or 7% then gives a message saying cd cant burn. I even have a DVD writer and it burns without any problem. Nero 7 i'm using. Please advice me
Mangwa on November 24, 2006
RE: CD writer not working

My cd/writer cannot read or play anything, tried rebooting and to avail. does anyone knows what the real problem is?
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