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Spontanious power-up
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Spontanious power-up

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Gary on January 1, 2005
Spontanious power-up

This one is new!
I am not a total hard-core builder but I have built enough systems to know that I have never heard for this problem.

I have a ASUS P5AD2 and a P5AD2-E Motherboard. I installed a 3.2 LGA 775 processor and 1 gig of Corsair Pro ram.
When I shut down the system it shuts down properly and the system power goes off -completely. 2 Seconds later the system powers itself up again. It is NOT set to power up at a certain time or from any "event" in the BIOS.

This has happened with 2 different motherboards and I have changed out the power supplies with ones that I know are working properly. Also, both PSU's are ATX 2.01 compliant and supports to 24pin ATX connector.

What could this be? Is it possible the processor is doing something or is the BIOS somehow faulty in this series of MB with Windows SP2?

Automatica power-downs I have heard of but not Automatic power-ups.

Oh, the processor is running at a very chilly 104F for a Prescott.

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