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CD-Writer unrecognised by bios

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Jasper on October 9, 2001
CD-Writer unrecognised by bios

This is (I think) a very complicated problem.

Yesterday, my system was working perfectly. But when I booted today, my cd-writer wasn't recognised anymore by the bios. Result: Windows doesn't recognise it either.
When i unplug my normal Cd-rom drive, the cd-writer is always detected, no matter on what IDE connector of the cable it is. But when i reconnect my cd-rom drive, the cd-writer stops working. I've tried every possible master/slave configuration but this doesn't solve the problem.
In windows, the cd-writer makes the noise it makes when your system boots every few seconds or minutes. Like it's trying to activate itself. But then it stops again. I can't even eject anymore, ejecting only works when it's making the noise.
The shop has already replaced the cd-writer and the flat-cable, they said it worked again, but the problem is still there.
It almost looks like my motherboard doesn't support 2 cd-rom drives.

CD-Writer type: Philips 800 series.
CD-Rom type: Sony CDU 4811
Motherboard: Asus i think

Please help me solving this problem.

Greetings Jasper
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