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CD-Writer unrecognised by bios
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CD-Writer unrecognised by bios

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Jasper on October 9, 2001
CD-Writer unrecognised by bios

This is (I think) a very complicated problem.

Yesterday, my system was working perfectly. But when I booted today, my cd-writer wasn't recognised anymore by the bios. Result: Windows doesn't recognise it either.
When i unplug my normal Cd-rom drive, the cd-writer is always detected, no matter on what IDE connector of the cable it is. But when i reconnect my cd-rom drive, the cd-writer stops working. I've tried every possible master/slave configuration but this doesn't solve the problem.
In windows, the cd-writer makes the noise it makes when your system boots every few seconds or minutes. Like it's trying to activate itself. But then it stops again. I can't even eject anymore, ejecting only works when it's making the noise.
The shop has already replaced the cd-writer and the flat-cable, they said it worked again, but the problem is still there.
It almost looks like my motherboard doesn't support 2 cd-rom drives.

CD-Writer type: Philips 800 series.
CD-Rom type: Sony CDU 4811
Motherboard: Asus i think

Please help me solving this problem.

Greetings Jasper
Bob on March 5, 2022
Jasper acaba hala hayatta misin
Sana da bendeki gibi kimse yardimci olmadi mi moruk
Dedigin gibi anakartin iki cd driveri desteklemiyorsa ne yapilabilir ki hacim
Lan jasper 21 yil sonra topicine cevap yazildi acaba ben de mi cozum icin 21 yil bekleyecem.21 yil yasar miyiz ki aq
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