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Sony CRX230ED information
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Sony CRX230ED information

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shevik on February 3, 2005
Sony CRX230ED information

FYI, for those of you who purchased this OEM drive and are wondering about drivers, installation, firmware, there's a long discussion of it at the following page: . Reviews of this drive on seem to indicate no problems with installation if master/slave is set correctly. Windows should have drivers for reading CDs and the burner software should have whatever is needed for burning. Unfortunately, since it is OEM, Sony does not offer support, but the manual is said to be the same as for the Sony CRX230AD.
sotos on February 3, 2006
RE: Sony CRX230ED information

Where could I find a firmware update?
Ron on December 29, 2008
RE: Sony CRX230ED information

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