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Blaster virus.
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Blaster virus.

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Nick on February 4, 2005
Blaster virus.

Ok so my computer got the blaster virus where it comes up saying "your computer will shut down in 45 secs" or whatever.I stpuidly before this came up deleted the svchost.exe file-> a stupid thing to do but i thought it was the virus.Soanyway the virus shut my computer down and now the computer wont start p at all.It gets to the windows p loading and then restarts.I've been told this is becuase I deleted this file. I don't really want to put the backup cd in as it will wipe all my files and I really don't wanna loose there anything i can do.I've tried safe more and it doesn't work in that either. i have another cd drive in another computer so could i put that in the new computer,make my new drive the slave and get into it that way to try and repair the file? I dunno? Also can this file be downloaded from somewere.Please help. Thanks
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